At HireVue our values are described as "AttriVutes". We have 10 AttriVutes, and they are more than just words on a website, they are a shared set of beliefs on what it takes to be successful.

We know that the stronger our culture, the less precise rules and corporate process we need. When the culture is strong, you can trust everyone to do the right thing. People can be independent and work as a team. They can be entrepreneurial.

As we continue to grow, we strive to ensure that our culture remains alive and well. Check out our list of 10 AttriVutes and see if you can see your wires meshing with our wires.

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1. Act Like an Owner

Those who are successful at HireVue act like owners. They take things on and deliver. They think about how HireVue will succeed and how they will succeed at the same time, and they’re generally willing to step up and do whatever the team needs.

2. Customer Obsession

Owners are obsessed with delighting customers and understanding their needs. Passionate customers are the best business. Our competitors are interesting, but not important when we focus obsessively on serving customer needs.

3. Lean Towards Action

Owners take action and are willing to make mistakes. They prefer making new mistakes rather than repeating old ones. They learn, use good judgment and are right most of the time.

4. Accept the Best Ideas

Owners listen to others, openly share information, consider other opinions inconsistent with our own and have the courage to change our positions when evidence demands. The best ideas win regardless of who they come from.

5. Get Results

Owners commit to a course of action and deliver. They have a sense of urgency to deliver and exceed expectations, tenaciously completing commitments even when things get hard. Working hard to move the ball down field is great, but delivering results is what counts. It's about points, not yardage.

6. Build on What Works

Things are never perfect, but we don't obsess about what is broken. Owners celebrate what works now and focus on how to make things even better.

7. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is hard work that pays off. Maintaining simplicity will be harder as we grow. We look for the simplest solutions possible without oversimplifying (i.e. unproductive meetings, useless reports, etc.)

8. Think Big

Owners think beyond their own world, the obvious, or what most people think is possible. They invent new ways of doing things. They ask: What if? Could we? Why wouldn't we? Why not?

9. Disagree but Commit

Owners stand for what they believe is right and hold themselves and others to high standards. They will argue for the right course of action even when it is exhausting or uncomfortable. When a decision is made they get firmly behind it and support it with enthusiasm.

10. Hire the Best & Develop to be Better

Owners hire great people and invest time and energy in onboarding, mentoring and helping people go beyond the limits of what they thought possible.

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