HireVue Support is a small elite team that passionately provides amazing support for customers and candidates.
HireVue support will champion every person who touches HireVue to help create positive life-changing events.
- Support Mission Statement
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24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We're not your average call center.

We're not your average call center.



Since 2004 HireVue has powered digital interviewing for some of the worlds biggest and most innovative companies in the world. In return we expect our employees to embody the same passion and success our clients have. We're gonne be in their shoes someday, so take some notes.


We provide around the clock coverage with support for candidates and customers. 

Phone Support13 Languages
Pool tables: 1
Mauy Thai fighters: 1

Xbox 360's: 2











Number of support calls in which the solution to the question "I'm appearing upside down on the screen." was solved by instructing the candidate to turn their web-cam rightside up.



Pool games played per week.


Average wait time for a candidate calling from anywhere in the world to be on hold.


Percentage of the support team who started in support and were internally hired on to other HireVue teams.


Candidates no longer using Internet Explorer.

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On this team everyone has a voice. We give our team members the power and agency to actually solve problems and get the beuracracy out of the way. It's easy to love your job when you feel like make a difference in people's lives every single day. And when you are done saving the world you can go play some pool.
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An Environment for Work...

One HireVue Support Specialist, Alan Lee, moved out-of-state with his wife when she accepted a summer internship in Seattle.

Our teams flexibility made it possible for Alan to continue working for HireVue during his time in Seattle.


  • We actively develop team members to help advance their career.
  • What we really mean to say here is that the support team is the Salt Lake Bees, and HireVue is the LA Angels. We're the farm team. Do well here, and you move on up to the big leagues kid.



You could work from home, but why?

Working from the office includes: a pool table, fooseball tournaments, video game stations, League of Legends skirmishes and much much more.

Along with all the fun activities we have a fully stocked break room, and several grill masters keeping you well fed throughout the month.

Actual support team members.

Actual support team members.

Actual support team members.

Actual support team members.