Kelci Ringer

Kelci Ringer Professional Services Operations Consultant Coming soon...

What’s the one thing you plan to do to change the world, even a little?

I don’t assume I will have a big impact on the world, but I try to do my part. I recycle, I don’t litter, and combine trips to limit my emissions. I support human rights campaigns and teach my daughter to do the same. My hope is that her generation will make greater strides in all of the above to improve the overall quality of life for everyone.

What are your pet peeves?

I have a long list, but one of the biggest is not being able to make a decision. Like when with a group wanting to go out to eat, I hate that it takes an hour to pick a place to eat…if others can't decide I will decide for the group.

What are your favorite things?

My favorite things are my comfy clothes (pajamas and sweatpants), a good cup of hot tea, my nightly routine with my daughter and rainy/snowy days when I don’t have to go anywhere.