Daniel Hixson

Dan Hixson Regional Sales Manager I am the regional sales manager for the Western United States. I help prospects with their life long dream of having a digital interviewing process. I make dreams come to life!

What do you like most about yourself?

The thing I like most about myself is that I am always positive and optimistic. I am glad that I am always thinking that things are going to work out. It makes life less stressful I think!

What was a life-altering experience?

I think the thing that most shaped me was my year in Iraq right when the war started. I definitely came back a different person after that and I really changed my life around. It was when I got back from Iraq that I decided to go into sales, which is my passion!

If you were a celebrity, who would you be? Why?

If I was a celebrity I would have to be Jay-Z. Then I could be one of the best rappers, married to Beyonce, and now he is going to be a top sports agent? They are saying he might be able to sign LeBron?? Hook me up!