HireVue Candidate Referrals


How To Submit a Referral

To refer a potential teammate, please add your referral directly into Workable (our ATS). Here are the steps:

Log into Workable: 

  • OKTA

    • Sign-in using Okta (either from Chrome plugin or hv.okta.com )

    • Select the application "Workable" from the list.

Locate the job you want to refer a candidate for. Hover over the job title to reveal the job options. Click “Refer candidate.”  If a position doesn't exist and you still want to refer a candidate, please refer them to the position called "Awesome? Share your story".


Search for the candidate you want to refer using their name or email address 

Using this basic information, Workable’s sourcing tool, People Search, searches millions of social and professional networks, organizing the relevant data into a single candidate profile. This profile will include information like resumes, location, photos and contact details, as well as links to candidates open social profiles. You can filter the search results by location, education or company. If more than one profile appears, select the right one:

Finalize your referral. In case you find one or more details (e.g. title, contact info) are out of date, update them before referring the candidate. Also, you can add a comment explaining why they’re the perfect fit for the job and click “Refer.”

With this easy 3-step process, you can refer candidates without the need to source and upload resume details or compose emails. Once you make a referral, the referred candidate will be automatically added to the recruiting pipeline and you will be listed as the referrer on their profile inside Workable. There’s no data entry and no hassle.

Follow-up on your referral(s)

If you have questions about your referred candidate and want an update please reach out to a member of the recruiting team.


Referral Guidelines

  1. Referrals must be submitted through Workable by the referrer so HR and Finance Teams can track your referral(s) and pay you for your awesomeness! If you are not able to refer through Workable then HR must be notified with documentation of your referral within one week of their application to claim and be paid for the applicant. All referrals and referral amounts are paid at the discretion of HireVue.

  2. MOST IMPORTANT! Please make sure you have spoken to your referral about HireVue and the role before referring.

  3. Referral Amounts:

    • Engineering & Sales Roles (Strategic RSM and Above) - $3,500

    • All other Exempt (salaried) positions - $2,000

    • All other Non-Exempt (hourly) positions - $1,000

      • Half of referral paid on first payroll after start date and half paid on next payroll after 90 days.

  4. You can't refer people that already work at HireVue. However you must be an employee to get the referral bonus(s).

  5. Managers or teammates involved in the hiring decision for a particular position are not eligible for referral awards for that position.

  6. Members of our Executive Leadership Team and VP's are not eligible for a referral bonus but are still asked to refer.

  7. Only one referral award can be given per candidate. First come first paid.

  8. Referrals expire after one year.