TODAY'S LUNCH is closed.




What's Lunch?
How does this work? 

Lunch is available every work day to anyone in the SLC office for $5/day from a rotating list of local restaurants.

You just need to come to this page before 10:30 AM every day you want lunch delivered, select from the available options, and pay $5 with your credit card. Our office operations team will place the order and oversee delivery.

All orders must be completed by 10:30AM.

What options or changes are available?

None. No substitutions. No additions. No changes.

To keep this as simple as possible the options are intentionally limited.

What if there's an issue with my order?

The Office Operations team will be the final arbiter of all issues.

 Can I suggest a new restaurant?

Absolutely, but they'll need to meet our criteria to be included.