TJ Allen

TJ Allen Program Manager,
HireVue Labs
I feel like I'm pretty funny, and I speak my mind. I don't shy away from anything, and love to help others. Have a cool idea? Let's chat.

What's your favorite quote?

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." -- William James

If you were a celebrity, who would you be?

Chris Evans. He is Captain America. (I love Captain America.)

Proudest moment as a 5-year-old?

Umm, not sure, probably making my first real friend.

What are your passions?

Gaming, writing, music, poker.

If you were are SuperHero or comic book character, who would you be?

Captain America (see above)

Who are you?

Oh, TJ? Stands for Thomas Jake, most people guess Thomas James.

What's the one thing you plan to do to change the world, even a little?

Teach my kids how to think not what to think.

What are your pet peeves

Chewing on straws, complaining about things you can change, and lack of common sense.

Who has inspired you the most?

Pretty cliché, but my dad. He has worked so hard for so long, it's amazing.

If you were a trucker, what would your call sign be?

The Raven

What was a life-altering experience?

The birth of my son. It's surreal.

What is your least favorite nickname?

That is used for me, or in general? I hate people with the nickname Bud or Jonsey

What are your favorite things?

Indie music, podcasting, games, sports, and poker.

How would you define yourself?

Hardworking, energetic and passionate.

What is your favorite pet?

Had a cockapoo name Michey. Awesome dog.

What has been a turning point in your life?

The birth of my son.

What will you think about during your final days?

Remembering my legacy as I go down with an alien spaceship that threatened the existence of Earth, but I pulled a Will Smith and saved it.