Innovators, outliers, & over achievers wanted

Like working closely in small teams, solving big problems and building incredible products? Join our team.

At HireVue, we believe that happy Vuers work the best.The VueNation team enjoys flexible work hours, a creative and collaborative atmosphere, and beautiful mountain views. HireVue Headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We also have workspaces in New York City, London, Australia, and The Netherlands.

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Flexible work environment

We understand it can be difficult to make it to the office every day. That is why you can also work from home when needed. Just get your work done.


We'll help you build your nest egg. HireVue matches your Safe Harbor Contributions as follows: 100% on first 3%, 50% on next 2%... so if you contribute 5%, we'll pony up 4%.

Open PTO policy

We encourage our people to take the time they need to take vacation, develop interests, and spend time with friends and family. Rest is healthy and unlocks creativity.

If you're part of HireVue, you're able to manage your work life like a professional. Just inform others when you are on vacation and come back invigorated.


We have a fully stocked break room full of delicious choices and beverages. Feel free to graze on healthy snacks all day or make yourself a bite to eat.

Personal & Professional Development

Part of our culture is to foster an atmosphere of personal and professional development. Want to attend a conference or seminar that relates to your work? Let us know.

We invest in our people to give them the chance to learn and expand their skills. Your opportunity for development is limited only by your own initiative.

Health Care

Full health care benefits with comprehensive health, eye, and dental plans.

Paid Parental Leave

Whether you're having your firstborn or adding additional bundles of joy, we offer paid parental leave to help make things a little easier for new HireVue parents. We understand the necessity to provide you with this flexibility so you can focus on the exciting new challenges of parenthood.

Life Insurance

Sometimes bad things happen. All salaried employees working more than 30 hours a week receive life insurance which pays their full salary for three years.

Professional Challenge

You're only limited by your desire to grow. You'll work with over-achievers who are challenging the status quo with an entirely new technology that we pioneered. You'll be expected to exercise creativity and excel in a fast-paced environment focusing on tough problems.

Stock Options

Every HireVue Team Member receives an option grant. We're all owners.

Open mic/TED talk lunches

Interested in sharing your skillset or story with HireVue? We invite both internal team members and experts to teach us something new.