Leta Miera

Leta Miera Customer Success Manager I get to wear many hats!

What's your favorite quote?

"RISK: Winners don’t wait for chances they TAKE THEM!" -unknown

Proudest moment as a 5-year-old?

WOW does anyone remember when they were 5 years old?

What is your favorite line from movies? When do you usually say it?

"BITCH PUHLEAZE!" When do I say it? All the time!

What are your pet peeves?

When people don’t say thank you after holding the door open – that’s just plain RUDE!

What artist has inspired you the most?

My 9 year old son when he was 2 years old.

What was a life-altering experience?

I am just one sibling of 13, isn’t everything life altering???

What celebrity would you like to be?

Really, the better question here is what celebrity wants to be me…HELLO!

What will you think about during your final days?

My life review will consist of all the moments I spent laughing my ass off!