Chip Luman

Chip Luman COO I help build a company and team that are insanely passionate about delivering the most incredible client and candidate experiences through a technology that literally transforms the way people work and begin new careers. Pitmaster, Music Director

What's your favorite quote?

"Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by someone I do not know." - John Keats.

My wife gave me a bookmark with this on it, pretty much sums me up, except for a preference for craft beer.

What are you passions?

Family, live music, technology, creativity, science, food, escaping the beaten path.

What is your favorite line from movies? When do you usually say it?

"Most people live their lives trying to avoid tense situations: Repo men spend their lives getting into tense situations." -Repo Men.

It's about change, and how most people like the safety of the status quo. Change is ever present and far more interesting.

What are your favorite things?

Time with my kids, a good meal with my wife, live music with anyone that will to go to the show.