Two Ways to Know You Are Working for A Great Company

At HireVue we like to talk about ourselves a lot. Yet, sometimes it may be difficult to sift through all the information and learn if we really are as awesome as we say we are. If you don't want to take our word for it, check out what other's have been saying. 

In the past week HireVue was recognized in two publications highlighting our growth and culture.

Check out what they had to say about us:

1. Deloitte's 2015 Technology Fast 500 Ranking

2. Deseret News Top 59 Local Companies to Work for in Utah


How companies were selected: 

  • Award winners were selected based on percentage fiscal year revenue growth during the period of 2011 to 2014
  • Eligibility:
    • Companies must own proprietary intellectual property or technology that is sold to customers in products that contribute to a majority of the company's operating revenues. 
    • Companies must be in business for a minimum of four years and be headquartered in North America
    • Companies must have a current-year (2014) operating revenue of at least $5 million USD

Highlights about HireVue: 

  • We were ranked number 63 with a growth percent of 1,347%
  • We are the first Utah based company on the list (with the next Utah company, Pluralsight, coming in ranked at number 95)
  • We ranked number 27 in the software industry category

Deseret News:

A local Utah news company published a list of 59 local companies to work for in Utah. This is how the rankings were selected: 

  • The list includes companies on that have at least 20 reviews and are headquartered in Utah
  • After using Glassdoor's "Overall Ranking," companies were ordered by using an average of employee ratings about company culture, work-life balance, benefits, opportunities, and management. 

Highlights about HireVue: 

  • We landed in the top ten - ranked as the 9th best local company to work for in Utah
  • Company rating on Glassdoor - 4.6 with 32 reviews
  • 90% of our team members recommend HireVue to a friend
  • Our CEO, Mark Newman, has a 100% approval rating

So What?

Obviously HireVue is doing some smart things, not only for the industry, but for it's team members. 

Are you ready to make the change and start working for a company that is growing and rated as a great place to work? 

Check out our open positions at and reach out via social! We love to connect!


How To Embrace Your Company Growth & Have Some Fun

Last Thursday we opened our doors to the public to come check out our new 5th floor. It was a great event full of food, music, family, and friends. 

Missed out on our event?

Check out some snap shots of our newly expanded office space

Welcome to HireBrew

Brand New Breakroom

Collaborative Space

Great Views

Probably the two favorite things about the office expansion are:

1. The new internal staircase

2. Scooters

Now that we have two floors the scooters are a great way to get around the office quickly. It's awesome to see team members zoom by as they make their way to the breakroom or to make copies.

As you can tell by the pictures we like to joke around a lot and have some fun. John is testing out the safety of using the stairs with a scooter. (No humans were harmed in the taking of this picture)

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How to Turn Tragedy into Transformation

Special post by our very own Dina Taylor - Business Transformation Director at HireVue. 

Several months ago, I would have labeled 2015 as the year of tragedy.  I now consider 2015 the year of transformation.

Everyone has a story, and mine is unique. On March 6 of this year, my husband, Dan, passed away.

I was 30 weeks pregnant.

10 weeks later, I gave birth to my son - Jack. 

Four weeks after Jack was born, I was spending time with a close friend (who, coincidentally, is also a HireVue sister) when - in the middle of conversation - I burst into tears.  I realized in that moment that I had merely been surviving the previous 14 weeks. 

I was working, taking care of Jack, and managing my affairs, but I felt nothing.  I was not happy, not content, and not optimistic. I was alive, but that was it.  

It was in that moment that I realized I needed to transform.

A couple days later, on the day that would have been Dan's 36th birthday, I broke up with grief.  I did not like who I was, and thus began a deliberate and conscious effort to transform my thinking, priorities, and actions.

I threw myself into work, I began reaching out to family and friends more frequently, and I spent time outside. I established routines and traditions and memories with Jack.  I focused on developing new interests and hobbies, meeting new people, and trying new things. 

All of a sudden, happiness started creeping in and life slowly became hopeful and enjoyable again.

During this time of personal transformation, I assumed a new role within HireVue, fittingly as the Director of Business Transformation.  This exciting opportunity allows me to develop and lead the function within HireVue that facilitates the transformation of business strategy, process and people - using digital innovation. 

The opportunity to partner closely with organizations to consult and influence something I care deeply about is exciting. The opportunity to execute on business objectives that have a direct impact to the overall organization is exhilarating.

For individuals and for organizations, adaptation is critical to survival, and transformation is critical to success.  Surviving simply is not good enough.  It is through risk that we see reward, through innovation that we lead the pack, and through transformation that we thrive.

How are you transforming yourself? How are you transforming your business? How do you plan to thrive?



Dina Taylor is a business transformation consultant specializing in process excellence, system implementation, adoption and project management. Dina has 10+ years experience with organizations of various sizes and industries, and is passionate about consulting with customers to help them realize the true value of software as a way to establish process excellence and exceed business goals.
Dina is highly skilled in a number of HR Technology platforms and is a change management and HR technology leader with proficiency in a variety of systems.

A Very Happy Halloween From the HireVue Team

The HireVue team is filled with very creative people. Check out the variety of costumes worn around the office on Friday afternoon. 

 Joker from Batman

Joker from Batman

 Walter White - Breaking Bad

Walter White - Breaking Bad



 Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & 2

Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & 2



 Taking a HireVue Interview - no pants required

Taking a HireVue Interview - no pants required



 Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly

 Bandit on a Horse

Bandit on a Horse

 Mad Max

Mad Max



 Woopie Cushion

Woopie Cushion

 Miniature Roman Legionnaire

Miniature Roman Legionnaire

 Wayne & Garth

Wayne & Garth







 Skeleton & Karate Kid

Skeleton & Karate Kid



 Group Shot 

Group Shot 

Want to be part of the next HireVue Halloween party? Check out our open positions and apply

What Have Been Your Best Two Years of Your Career?

Special guest post by Jaron Dunford sharing his thoughts about his past two years at HireVue. We will miss you Jaron! Good luck on your next adventure! 

It’s hard for me to start putting thoughts on paper about leaving HireVue. A part of me thought I would be a HireVue lifer. I couldn’t picture myself at another organization. Two years isn’t a long time in the scheme of things, but looking back it’s fuzzy as I remember working for other organizations.

If I were to ask you what the best two years of your life were, what would you say? A mentor told me if you respond with anything besides ‘these past two years’ you’re doing something wrong.

To say these past two years were anything short of the best two years is an understatement. I’ve tried to put down some of the key lessons I’ve learned while at HireVue that I’ll always remember.

HireVue’s technology changes lives

If you don’t already know, HireVue allows candidates to share their experiences and demonstrate their ability to work. Simply put, candidates are much more than words on a resume and making hiring decisions off a resume alone is a huge injustice for the candidate and organization. So why is this relevant?

Here is my experience from 2013 compared to what HireVue was looking for:

  • 5 months of business development experience vs. 2-3 years of business development experience
  • Only inbound experience vs ability to prospect outbound/cold accounts
  • No prior territory strategy expertise vs expertise in building a territory plan

From this it’s clear I was under qualified in terms of why HireVue should hire me. They gave me an opportunity to take a digital interview, in which I was able to showcase that I wasn’t a bozo. I knew my stuff and was confident I could be successful.

Without that opportunity to share my story using their software I would have been looked over completely. It’s safe to say my life was deeply impacted because of this technology.

Don’t let up in the ups and don’t get down in the downs

I’ve never dated someone with a split personality, but if I had I would imagine it feels like working in sales. Some days everything will absolutely go your way. Every person you call is nice and people respond to your emails with interest. It’s those days it’s easy to rest on your laurels.

The next day, everyone tells you they’re not interested with some snarky reply and no one picks up your phone calls. You tend to feel all emotions possible in a week period.

In my first month at HireVue I hit quota. I was flying high, the new guy who was going to show some of the tenured reps that this young buck could do it. I was getting praised by my manager, but soon feelings of complacency kicked in. The next two months, 50% quota attainment. I was deflated, how could I let that happen?

It became clear to me that when things are going well, do not let up! On the reverse side, when things are going bad, do not let up and do not get down. Don’t take the noes personally, and don’t think the yeses were solely because of your charm.

 The men of the Account Development Team

The men of the Account Development Team

Trust the process, the score will take care of itself

In Bill Walsh’s book, The Score Takes Care of Itself he talks about aiming for a Standard of Performance (which is absolute) versus winning (which is relative to others). Just because you have a bad week doesn’t mean you have to overhaul the whole process that worked for the past 4 weeks. Focusing on results doesn’t equate to success, executing and focusing on the process does.

About a year and half into my tenure at HireVue I became extremely frustrated. I was executing my process that I knew would work, but not seeing results. My colleagues who were doing similar things were seeing great success.

What was wrong with me? I watched their numbers religiously, getting a little more down and bitter every time I saw they had another success. I started hoping for their failure. It was then when I was told a quote that changed my outlook.

“Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.”

I was making myself miserable. Work wasn’t causing stress, I was bringing it upon myself. When I stopped trying to beat everyone else and focused on winning for myself, the score took care of itself.

Think Big

HireVue’s CEO, Mark Newman, is one the biggest thinkers I’ve come across. The goals and ambitions we set often seemed so high that it was frustrating. I quickly learned to forget the quote “Aim for the moon and if you fail you’ll land in the stars.”

HireVue taught me to aim for the moon and don’t settle for the stars, each day you better work your ass off to land on the moon. The goals we’ve hit as a company were because of the collective effort and belief from each individual shooting and fighting tooth and nail to land on the moon.

Keep it Simple

Be yourself. Be kind to others and people will be kind to you. Don’t overthink things. Often times I racked my brain and tried googling for the top subject lines and email templates when I had ones that worked.

To be clear, I’m not proposing that the status quo is all you need. 429 of the original Fortune 500 companies are now out of business, innovate or die! What I am saying however is continue to build on what works.

HireVue took me in as an under qualified, green, and naïve kid fresh out of college and spit me out a whole new person. I’ve always tried my best to make HireVue better than it was when I first stepped into the office, because it sure made me better.

I left the HireVue office after my first day of work with a sense of gratitude and excitement, excitement for the future. Today as I leave HireVue for one last time, I’ll be leaving with a deeper sense of gratitude, and excitement. Excitement for the future knowing the next two years of my life, will be the best two years of my life.

Are You With A Company That is Launching Your Career?

Earlier this month Wealthfront Knowledge Center published a list of Career-Launching Companies for 2016. 

Wealthfront publishes this list of US mid-size technologies because they believe these companies are ideal places for young people to start their careers. 

Nothing early in your career is more important than achieving success — and nothing signals success more than working for a successful company
— Wealthfront Blog

We are pleased to announce that HireVue made the list along with four other Utah tech companies. 

So how do you qualify for the list? 

  • Company must current have revenues between $20 million and $300 million
  • Have a trajectory to grow at a rate in excess of 50% over at least the next four years


We love this quote from the article: 

New York and Boston are distant competitors to the Bay Area when it comes to hosting companies that are likely to become very large, although both New York and Boston slightly gained share. Utah was the notable rising star, growing from 1 to 5 companies.

Some people may wonder why a financial advisor would publish a list like this. Their answer: "your career decisions will likely have a much bigger impact on your ultimate net worth than your investment decisions."

Are you making the right investment for your career? Check out the five companies in Utah that will help you launch your career.




Inside Sales

Health Catalyst


For young people starting their careers it is important to work for a company that is on the right track for success.

Some might wonder what benefits are associated with working for small or mid-sized companies. Here are just a few examples: 

1. Get noticed by people in the company who matter. 

2. Build strong relationships with team members of all levels

3.  Learn all aspects of the business inside and out

4. Diversify your skill set by participating in new projects

5. Explore your talents and discover what you love

6. Make a big impact (and get credit for it)


You can check out the list of other growing companies by clicking here

Tired of working for a large company that is taking you nowhere? Check out our open positions at and join our team today!


The Unlikely Hire – A True Story


Everyone has a unique story to tell. We are all more than just bullet points on a resume. Check out Alison Taylor's unique story on getting hired at HireVue. 

Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse:

After 9 years at an ad agency, I found myself job hunting in late June – not something I expected to be doing at this point in my career.

Living adjacent to the Silicon Slopes of Utah, I’d occasionally looked at positions with the many tech companies that have sprouted up recently and are within a 30-minute commute of home. 

However, as I had no high tech or SaaS experience, any time I applied, my resume never got past the ATS keyword screen.

Thanks to an amazing company with an amazing product, that all changed in mid-July. 

The company (which I’d looked into before), HireVue, posted an “Amazing Sales Analyst” position. While the bulk of my career has been in Marketing, the last few years have afforded me more of an opportunity to optimize marketing campaigns - not just to the point of lead generation, but all the way through the funnel by focusing on cost to acquire a revenue-generating customer (i.e., a Sales Analyst!). 

But how to convey this on a resume?!  I tried – a meager effort, at best – and submitted my resume to HireVue’s website.  Much to my horror, the site didn’t allow (or I missed?) adding a cover letter, where I could draw the parallels for anyone who might actually read it. 

Oh well, I thought; at least this counts as one of my four job submissions for the unemployment weekly filing requirements!

Imagine my surprise when I got an email requesting I complete something called an “on-demand recorded interview” two days later.  This prompted me to do more research, and I realized that the technology I would be using to create this “on-demand recorded interview” is the exact technology that HireVue developed and sells. 

I loved how their website focused on the benefits of allowing applicants to tell their stories – not just letting their resume try to do it for them.

Since the tone of the job posting was slightly irreverent and filled with humor, and I had zero expectations of continuing in the process, I settled in with my trusty iPhone to record my interview – being exactly my slightly irreverent, occasionally-humorous self.  

Because I’m a testing and analysis geek, I was drawn to the idea of all applicants being evaluated on the same footing – same questions, same amount of prep time for each question and answering each question.  Talk about an apples-to-apples comparison!  And it let me be the “me” they would get if they actually wanted to meet in person.

Well, they liked my on-demand enough to bring me in for two rounds of in-person interviews.  And here I am – the unlikeliest hire. 

I was told that if they only had my resume, I would never have made it past the first round because I was missing two components that a normal ATS resume screen would have sought.  But they loved my story and felt that I was the best person for the role.  Lucky me!

I’m completely sold on this technology for so many reasons, and I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve encountered digital interviewing. 

I’m all for anything that results in a better hire, allows better and faster hiring decisions, and creates opportunities for more applicants to be considered in a shorter period of time (so that not just the first couple dozen resumes get included before HR is overwhelmed and pulls the job posting). 

But mostly, I’m delighted they created the tool allowing me to tell my story, and now I’m part of #VueNation. &


How to Unleash Your Inner Wild While Working for a Tech Company

We all know what it's like to work at a desk job. We sit all day and take an occasional walk to visit the restroom or grab another cup of coffee. It's rough staying fit and healthy when the majority of your day is spent in front of a computer screen. 

That's why four of our team members decided to get outside, train up, and participate in a Spartan Race. 

Last weekend Ricky, TJ, Nicole, and Steve participated in a Spartan Race sprint at Lake Tahoe and totally crushed it!

So what's the big deal? What does a Spartan Race entail?

  • There are three different types of races which vary in difficulty - sprint, super, and beast
  • Each race entails running 3 - 12 miles and completing 20-30 obstacles








Read up on their experience written by Nicole:

The chilly wind hit us like a bag of bricks when we opened the car doors at Squaw Valley Resort, CA. We checked the weather beforehand, but we were totally unprepared for the crisp mountain air that awaited us.

I actually came without a jacket on purpose to try to “prepare myself” for the cold mud and water that we were going to have to trudge through later on. Luckily, Ricky’s wife provided me with a light jacket that probably saved my life (ok so that’s a little over-dramatic).

After walking around the the resort and checking out the Spartan Swag, we decided it was time to stretch and get physically ready for the race. We stretched it out, then strolled towards the starting line. To our surprise, there was a 7 foot wall that we had to climb over in order to get to the starting line.

I gathered up the boys and had them give me a boost. Up and over the wall I went, followed by the rest of the pack. One by one I saw them climb over the wall to join me on the other side. A couple more minutes of stretching, and it was time to begin!

The hype-guy spoke super fast - something about signing a waiver, you got yourself into this, etc. etc.

He then asked who we were, and we all yelled “I AM A SPARTAN!” A couple more yells, a pep talk, and the guns went off.

We jogged to the first obstacle - the mud pits!

There were three large mud pits that we climbed, jumped, and slid into. After getting our lower halves soaked with muddy water, we climbed back out. Jake had a spill at the last pit and scraped his knee pretty good. Ricky was also running on a previously injured foot.

What’s a Spartan Race without a few injuries though, right?

There were multiple walls along the way that we had to climb over, and one section that we had to go under a wall, over a wall, and then through a wall with large holes in it. The walls ranged from 7 to 12+ feet high, and I, being 5’3” needed a boost on almost every one of them.

Other obstacles we came across was a barbed wire crawl, and the name of it speaks for itself. Failing any obstacle that’s not mandatory is an automatic 30-burpee penalty. Those burpees KILL! I’m not sure which is worse: running a 5k up a mountain, or doing 60+ burpees.

We all had to do a few sets of burpees for not making the monkey bars. Steve and Clint made it through on the first set!

The worst obstacle was the bucket carry. The hill - or should I say mountain - was steep, and we had to fill our buckets full of rocks and dirt. The buckets range around 50-70 pounds, with the women getting the lighter buckets. We each stopped about 20 times along the hill to catch our breath, but we finally made it down.

I think I can speak for everyone that this was the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life. It really breaks you down mentally and physically! I kept telling myself to keep going, I’m almost done, only a little longer, and finally I made it back around to hand off my bucket to another unfortunate soul.

Making our way across the traverse walls (holding onto skewed wooden blocks on a wall with your fingertips and toes) and the final set of monkey bars, we got to the finish line! We were handed our trophies: medals and snacks, and we got our photos taken.

Obviously after completing a 4+ mile run, we were famished. We grabbed some pizza, chatted with other race finishers, then headed back to the hotel.

It was a fantastic experience and I am so proud of each of my teammates. 10/10 would race again.


Congrats Ricky, Nicole, Steve, and TJ! HireVue is proud of you!

Want to be part of the next Spartan Race with HireVue? Check out our open positions at

The #1 Trait to Look For in a Candidate - Resourcefulness

At HireVue we live and breathe our Attrivutes. This whole year we have featured an Attrivute every month. We are now down to Attrivute #10 - Hire the Best & Develop to be Better. 

We take our hiring seriously and strive to find the best talent to fill our positions. Often this may require prolonged searches to find the perfect fit for a specific position.

But how do we know if someone is "All Star" talent?

LinkedIn's CEO, Jeff Weiner, posted a LinkedIn Pulse article about the Five-Tool Superstar

He covers five traits to look for when hiring great talent: 

1. Technology Vision

2. Product Sensibility

3. Business Acumen

4. Leadership

5. Resourcefulness

We understand all five of these traits make a packaged deal. However, most people do not possess all five traits.

One of the most important qualities we look for at HireVue is a candidate's ability to get s%^t done aka "GSD." 

You can train people on how to use tools and systems. But you can't train hustle. You can't train passion. That's what we look for. Are candidate's resourceful enough to make their dreams come true as well as help the company succeed? If yes, then those are the people we hire. 

There are countless examples of team members at HireVue who exemplify resourcefulness. Here are just a few stories.


Our security team, Jake and Josh, have been great examples of taking initiative and updating our security awareness as a company. They started conducting phishing emails, calling team members to try and get company information, and setting up an official security certification program. Without the efforts of these two men our company would not be as aware of the security threats around us.

Tara - 

We were in a pinch and needed someone to be the project manager for our Coordinate product. Tara, one of our Sr. Developers, stepped in as the project manager even though she was not hired for the role. She helped push new features and guided the team along. Whenever she talked about Coordinate you could tell that she cared a lot about bringing Coordinate up to its full potential. 

Infrastructure - 

Sometimes our servers have outages and our Infrastructure team has to hustle to get our system running again. Just last month Amazon had a major outage which affected us. At 4am on a Sunday our team got a call that the system was down. Immediately they started finding a work around and got our candidates back on to take their interviews. 


Abby started following and engaging with HireVue via social. She built a relationship with many members at HireVue and we saw the potential and passion within her. We didn't have any current openings but we needed help within our marketing team with social media and strategy. So, a few weeks later we brought Abby in and made her our Social Media intern. 


These are just a few examples of team members at HireVue who exemplify the "GSD" attitude. A huge part of our culture is centered around results. We don't track time worked and we don't track time off. We trust our people to do what needs to be done and get results. 

Want to be part of a company where you can make a difference? Check out our open positions at