It's A Wrap! - Our Year in Review

We had quite the year in 2014. What started out as a team of two in 2004 has expanded into a team of 200 in 2014. We have had a lot of fun on our journey to our 10 year anniversary and it is only getting started. Check out the highlights of this year: 

Digital Disruption: 

Digital Disruption was the first event of its kind for HireVue. To stick with our Utah roots, we hosted the event in beautiful Park City, Utah at the five star resort, Stein Eriksen Lodge. It was a sold out event with attendees proclaiming they will return next year. We had incredible presentations by Billy Beane, Jason Averbook, and Shawn Achor

Digital Disruption was definitely one of the highlights of my HireVue year. Having the chance to meet with so many of our clients and hear firsthand how HireVue has helped them transform they way they recruit talent was a truly memorable experience. That, and being scared to death about ripping open my shirt while MC’ing the awards and singing the ‘HireVue Jack and Diane song’ – luckily, it all worked out and I’m still here – I love this company!
— Phil

Summer Summit: 

Every August all Vuers gather in Salt Lake City for our Annual Summer Summit. This three day event was filled with compelling content, exciting entertainment, and phenomenal parties. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary and reflected on the incredible work of all the Vuers who have helped build VueNation. 

HireVue Insights: 

Not only do we have an amazing team, we have a amazing team that knows how to create extraordinary products. Our release of HireVue Insights resulted in us winning "Top HR Product of the Year" at HR Tech. Huge shout out to our Data Scientist, Ben Taylor, who helped make this possible!

HR Tech - Awards.JPG

HR Tech: 

HR Tech, our biggest event of the year, and this time we pulled out all the stops -complete with a new giant star booth. We dominated the event as our CEO, Mark Newman, presented on HireVue Insights and UnderArmour presented on the benefits of digital interviewing. 

Hiring Veterans:

Everyone has a story to tell and veterans are no different. We partnered with Hilton Worldwide and U.S. Chamber of Commerce and hosted five military base recruiting fairs. Our "Hiring Our Heroes" event in Germany helped more than 1,200 transitioning service members hone their interview skills and connect with employers via our mobile and digital platform. 

International Expansion: 

In February we expanded into Europe and opened our London office. We had great PR coverage during our opening event with nearly 100 guests in attendance. With the exceptional leadership of Darren Jaffrey, we have increased our market reach and are excited for more growth next year. 

EMEA - Darren.JPG

Aggressive Hiring:

Due to the power of the HireVue platform, we were able to expand our team quickly and find amazing talent. We hired 85 full-time Vuers in 2014 and we plan to continue to grow in 2015. We hired many key roles that have been a huge asset to our team. 

HV Academy: 

We had three very successful HV Academy events in 2014. HV Academy gives our new hires a chance to meet together in the Salt Lake City office and learn how they can contribute to the success of the company. Check out the team pictures from this year. 







Brown Bag Mind Meld: 

Brown Bags are beneficial to get to know each individual Vuer and learn something about them you may not have known before. Brown Bag Mind Melds are an essential part of VueNation.
— Lindsey

We had a very fun filled year and a variety of topics during our Brown Bag Mind Meld events. Some of our most memorable presentations were: how to make eggrolls, service projects in Mexico, extreme kite flying, robotics, Muay Thai fighting, crazy long running races, and motorcycle rides through Vietnam. We are excited to see what next year brings. 


Unbelievable Benefits:

Not to brag or anything, but we have some pretty rad perks are HireVue. We'll just name a few - fully stocked kitchen, standing desks, gaming area, bike room, pool room, tuition reimbursement, unlimited PTO, daily lunch, etc. The list could go on and on.  

While outside of work, people ask me what I do for a living. Never have I felt proud to work for a company like HireVue. I truly feel like I am making a difference in someone’s life somewhere, and that is something not a lot of people can say. I get a kick explaining what HireVue does, and how our support team helps in that whole scheme of things.
— Alberto

HireVue would not be possible without the efforts of every individual Vuer. Thanks for being part of VueNation. Now let's hit the ground running and make 2015 a stellar year!




The 12 Days of HireVue - A Wonder Did I See



On the first day at HireVue a wonder did I see: a cubicle just for me






On the second day at HireVue a wonder did I see: two bags of swag and a cubicle just for me





On the third  day at HireVue a wonder did I see: three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me





On the fourth day at HireVue a wonder did I see: four birthday cakes, three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me




On the fifth day at HireVue a wonder did I see: FIVE DAYS OF LUNCH! four birthday cakes, three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me




On the sixth day at HireVue a wonder did I see: six games of pool, FIVE DAYS OF LUNCH! four birthday cakes, three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me




On the seventh day at HireVue a wonder did I see: seven bikes a riding, six games of pool, FIVE DAYS OF LUNCH! four birthday cakes, three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me




On the eighth day at HireVue a wonder did I see: eight FIFA Fridays, seven bikes a riding, six games of pool, FIVE DAYS OF LUNCH! four birthday cakes, three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me




On the ninth day at HireVue a wonder did I see: nine burgers grilling, eight FIFA Fridays, seven bikes a riding, six games of pool, FIVE DAYS OF LUNCH! four birthday cakes, three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me



On the tenth day at HireVue a wonder did I see: ten testing devices, nine burgers grilling, eight FIFA Fridays, seven bikes a riding, six games of pool, FIVE DAYS OF LUNCH! four birthday cakes, three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me



On the eleventh day at HireVue a wonder did I see: eleven different snacks, ten testing devices, nine burgers grilling, eight FIFA Fridays, seven bikes a riding, six games of pool, FIVE DAYS OF LUNCH! four birthday cakes, three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me



On the twelfth day at HireVue a wonder did I see: twelve new team mates, eleven different snacks, ten testing devices, nine burgers grilling, eight FIFA Fridays, seven bikes a riding, six games of pool, FIVE DAYS OF LUNCH! four birthday cakes, three team lunches, two bags of swag, and a cubicle just for me


It's A Festivus Miracle! - HireVue Style

"I don't really celebrate Christmas. I celebrate Festivus."

"It's a Festivus... for the rest of us!"

It's not a company party unless an official Festivus celebration occurs. Thus a new HireVue tradition has been born. Yesterday our SLC Vuers gathered in the collaboration area for an ugly sweater contest and Festivus celebration which entailed feats of strength and the airing of grievances. 

Based off the photographic evidence, the ugly sweater contest was an instant success. The room was filled with tinsel, lights, bells, feathers, and ornaments. 

We had an excellent panel of judges to decide who was worthy to be proclaimed the ugliest sweater wearer of 2014.

Scot Sessions did a fantastic job of wowing the crowd as he pulled off his decoy sweater to reveal his true ugly sweater. Obviously he took second place for this act.

Our winner, Ryan, was brave enough to show a lot of skin and a little bit of chest hair which allowed him to claim the giant 1st place button! 

 Runner Up!

Runner Up!

Festivus Airing of Grievances

Below is a list of all the grievances that were aired when a Vuer took their turn holding the pole. 

- Please close the cupboards and drawers in the breakroom! It is not that hard! 

- Wash your dishes! Sharline is tired of sending out emails reminding you of this!

- If you open a pop tart, eat both pastries. Do not leave one behind in the wrapper. No one will eat it. 

- Get up to speed on tech! We are a tech company. (Rebuttal- we ensure the IT team has a job!)

- Wes voiced his deep concern that not enough people have ventured down and enjoyed Delta Utah. Though honestly there is not much you are missing!

 Our ugly sweater winner!

Our ugly sweater winner!

Feats of Strength

We did not have as many feats of strength as our team members are too modest to brag about themselves. However, here are two great facts.

- TJ has lost 110 lbs in 11 months! He looks awesome! We are so proud of you TJ! 

- Wes has been stung over 2000 times by bees. Did we mention he has a bee farm in Delta? 

A big thanks to Seinfeld who invented this wonderful celebration. Find more information about Festivus here


The Awesomeness of Working from Home

Out of the plethora of amazing benefits HireVue provides its team members, working from home ranks high on the list.

While our office is the coolest in Salt Lake City - just check out the rest of this website to prove our point - our team members across the globe are showing that working from home is equally rewarding and fun. 

Colman - Arizona

On a typical day, I go to the gym for about an hour and then get donuts on the way home for my office manager (aka my wife who is nursing newborn twins.) I shower and am able to get a productive hour of work in before the interns (my kids) even wake up.

Office space in my home is at a premium. I was recently bumped from my office to make room for some entry level employees who really like to party all night long (newborn twins). Until we upgrade to a larger home, this is the HireVue Scottsdale, Arizona location. (See picture no. 1).

Other perks to working at home: Pants? Optional. (See picture no. 2) I can take my calls by the pool. (Once again, picture no. 2).  My wife can easily stop by the “office” for a quick lunch.

I have a zero carbon commute (which is how I justify keeping my home air conditioner at a cool 72° during the extreme heat of the AZ summer). Finally, I never have to worry about anyone taking my covered parking space or stealing my lunch from the fridge. (See picture no. 3).

 Picture 1

Picture 1

 Picture 2

Picture 2

 Picture 3

Picture 3

Brent - Las Vegas

I love working from home because it means I can sing along with my music as loudly as I like.

Jamie - Southern California

The best part of working from home is my office mate Chloe. She never criticizes my performance or complains that I talk too loud on the phone.

We have lunch together most days and when I need to get up and stretch my legs she is always game to join me for a walk to the park. Chloe also never rats me out when I take early morning conference calls in my jammies. 

Brandy - Tennessee

This is my view every day for work. I have been blessed to work from home for the past 9 years. The biggest reasons I’m thankful for this opportunity are seen faintly in the pictures on my desk…my husband and children.

I get to see two smiling faces running up that sidewalk towards the front door after school. I am able to go to and from my kids’ school at a moment’s notice. I don’t have to “rush home” to start dinner.

I can work early in the mornings before anyone gets up and late at night after everyone has gone to bed. On days I am glued to my desk all day, I get to look out at the beautiful TN mountains around my neighborhood.

I work hard every day because I’m a hard worker by nature. However, I also work hard because I am fortunate to work from home every day. I’m thankful for HireVue for letting me continue. It also allows me to spy on my neighbors. #VueNation

Cassidy - Texas

Working at the HireVue office is unlike any other office, hands down the best! However, when I started working from home I realized that it gives me the balance that I need to be able to have a career and be a mom.

I get so much more done because I am able to focus on my projects and don't have the distractions that typically take place in an office. I have enough meetings and outside interactions to not feel isolated and I love the flexibility that it offers me to support my child's school and our home life.

I am able to work at my own relaxed atmosphere and never have to worry about the commute to and from an office every day. Plus you don’t ever have to worry about what to wear- every day is causal day!

Porter - United Kingdom

My favorite thing about working from home is being able to have lunch with my wife every day, unless of course I'm out in the city visiting customers. It is one of the highlights of my day! 

Let us know why you love working from home! 

Attrivute #1 - Act Like an Owner

My name is Hyunjin Lee and I am part of the Sales Opportunity Consultant team here at HireVue. I've been at HireVue for one month now and its been an amazing experience thus far. 

Part of the reason why I came to HireVue was because of the company attrivute of acting like an owner. I believe this is one of the most important attrivutes any employee should have-especially within a start-up company. This allows each individual to perform at their very best just like they are one of the owners and it also allows accountability. This is the exact mentality individuals need to have to help the organization grow. 

"Act like an owner" enables employees to have a voice, to be accountable, to perform at their highest, and ultimately allows them to know they are important in a huge opportunity.

I see this very exact attrivute being practiced every day at HireVue. One of the examples that stands out to me as a new hire is that everyone here wears multiple hats. They are always doing something out of their comfort zone to help build this organization.

The example that comes to mind is our Sales Leader Rex Galbraith. Rex was one of the reasons why I came to HireVue. I was intrigued with Rex because I was under the assumption that he was strictly sales only. Turns out, he played a key role in my recruiting/hiring process. He genuinely cares about the growth of HireVue just like it's his very own company. That is the culture and energy I was impressed with as a new hire/candidate. It changes the whole mentality of "oh man.. I need to go to work today." to "I am super excited to do some crazy cool things at work today!" 

I am very excited to be part of this opportunity where I can "act like an owner." I am very fortunate to be able work with the HireVue leadership team and to watch, learn, and follow their example on how to act like an owner. 

Breakfast and Penguins and Santa - Oh My!

Last Saturday all Salt Lake City Vuers gathered together with their families to celebrate another successful year. Mark kicked off the event thanking everyone for their hard work. Then a delicious breakfast feast followed. Delicacies galore! Everyone was rolling out the doors by the time breakfast was finished. 

 Mark kicking off the event

Mark kicking off the event

 Sporting the HireVue Onesie 

Sporting the HireVue Onesie 

A very special guest came to visit the children. Excitement exploded from the kids as they heard the sleigh bells ringing and Santa Claus appeared in the room. 

After many joyful (and not so joyful) pictures and presents, we grabbed our goodie bags and headed into the theater to watch Penguins of Madagascar.  The movie was a big hit and the kids loved it! 

Thanks to all those who helped put this fun event together. VueNation wouldn't be possible without the amazing efforts of each team member. Thank you Vuers! 


Brown Bag Mind Meld - How to Make Egg Rolls

We had a great turnout for Sodavy Sok's Brown Bag Mind Meld presentation on how to make eggrolls and potstickers. The collaboration area was packed with Vuers ready to become master chefs. 

HireVue knows how to stage a legit cooking show with sous chef's, close up cameras, wearable mics, and pre-cooked and chopped ingredients. Everything you need for a successful cooking class. 

Sodavy started out the event explaining that she always has to spell her name when people ask her for it. day she was on the phone and the operator said, "Can I please have your last name?" Sodavy proceeded to spell her name "S.O.K.". The operator repeated again, "Can I please have your last name?" Sodavy responded back, "S.O.K.". By this time the operator was really adamant and said, "No, I really do need your last name." Sodavy finally said, "Yes, my last name is Sok, S.O.K." Apparently the operator thought she was saying "Es okay" the whole time!

Sodavy used this as her theme for the cooking show. If anything went wrong, "S.O.K." 

 Sodavy rocking it up front as she teaches the group.

Sodavy rocking it up front as she teaches the group.

 Sales having a blast

Sales having a blast

 Erin and Latisha showing off their eggroll skills

Erin and Latisha showing off their eggroll skills

 John's super excited to be making eggrolls

John's super excited to be making eggrolls

 Jared's table produced the most eggrolls and potstickers

Jared's table produced the most eggrolls and potstickers

Thank you Sodavy for sharing your skills! We had so much fun and we appreciate all the effort you put in to make it a successful event. 


It's that time of year again when tacky mustaches invade the office and social media feeds. Movember is upon us and HireVue team members are doing a fantastic job of flaunting their staches wherever they go.

What is Movember you ask? "Movember is the global men’s health charity where men grow and women support the moustache during November. Participation begins once you sign up and become part of the official movement to change the face of men’s health. Movember is about bringing back the moustache (Mo), having fun, creating conversations and awareness, and raising funds for men's health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems."

This is what our team captain, Phil Rodriguez, says about the event - "The mustache itself is a GREAT conversation piece with clients - might seem 'creepy' but when you talk about how you and your company are doing this for a good cause, it shows great camaraderie."

Help HireVue's team raise money to help bring awareness and funds to men's health. Donate here.


#HVAcademy - November 6th

Once a quarter, HireVue (aka #VueNation) organizes HV Academy- an event where all VueNation new team members come across the globe and meet in our beautiful Salt Lake City office to accomplish the following:

  • Learn about our company history (culture)
  • Meet people in the company to build social ties
  • Discover ways to effectively contribute to the attainment of our strategic goals.

For the upcoming #HVAcademy on November 6th, 2014; we will kick off the day with warm coffee and bagels followed by a series of engaging presentations, discussions, and learning activities.

To wrap up the day, our new hires will spend a happy hour with our executives at a dinner. When it comes to welcoming a new hire, #VueNation’s executives always remain welcoming. For example, countless times, I have interrupted important meetings in our Executives’ offices to introduce an executive to a new hire and the response has always been warm and positive.

 When new hires show appreciation to their mentor

When new hires show appreciation to their mentor

One of the things that makes #HVAcademy such a great event to attend is the opportunity to be with a group of highly talented individuals from all over the globe. Yes new hires, whether from Idaho, Florida or London - all get to fly in for HV Academy. At #VueNation, we take new hire onboarding seriously!

Click here to re-live some of the great memories built during the past HV Academy events.

 When the demo goes wrong and the mentor falls!

When the demo goes wrong and the mentor falls!

STEM Utah Corporate Soccer Tournament

The HireVue Soccer Team 2014

HireVue participated in a corporate soccer tournament held at Rio Tinto Stadium. Oumar Traore recapped the days action in an email to everyone:

"Vue team,

It's sad to be writing this email informing of our losses at today's soccer tournament. We played 3 games:

- Adobe: lost 4-3. 

- Goldman Sachs: lost 5-2 

- School Improvement Network: won 5-1. 

We did not make it to the semi-finals. Instead, Adobe played and won IM flash and KUTV played and won Goldman Sachs. Then, Adobe beat KUTV at the finals to win the tournament. We did not bring home the trophy but here is what we did accomplish:

- Had a lot of fun out there today playing my favorite sport: soccer. 

- Made a few friends along the way in Adobe and Goldman Sachs (trying to create friends of HireVue in our customer/ prospect companies locally... Aren't we all supposed to be creating champions in different accounts according to our 2014 roadmap? Well, Vue soccer team does it on a soccer field!) For example, Brett Andersen and I spent some time after the games talking to a certain David who had been in talks with Pete Abilla on the Goldman Sachs account. He talked favorably of HireVue. 

- Received invitation to participate in the event next year, except for us in order to go back, they need to learn how to say HireVue right. They announced us today as Higher Valuer. Promise they will say it right next time because our awesome banner flowing in the air could not go unnoticed. Our swags were probably one of the best out there today. A lot of the companies were displaying boring gray and back colors or even blue, but HireVue sure enough had a good black and red combination going!


Thanks Mark for the opportunity and thanks our dear Vuers who came to cheer for us. Hope you were not too disappointed :)."

Colby Bell kicking inbounds!

Oumar Traore either tired or focused. Probably both.

Another shot of the team!

Go HireVue Red!