HireVue Acquires CollaboRATE

Patented Interview Feedback and Decision Engine Empowers HireVue Customers with Key Interview Feedback on Candidates, Interviewers and Recruiters

Talent Interaction Platform™ provider HireVue today announced the acquisition of CollaboRATE Inc. – a spinoff from ZRG Partners – featuring a patented hiring decision engine designed to improve interview collaboration, feedback and analysis.  Developed together with ZRG’s Fortune 500 clients such as HP, the CollaboRATE platform enables more informed, data-driven hiring decisions while also equipping organizations with feedback on internal interviewers and talent scouts.

CollaboRATE complements HireVue’s own technology, which leverages digital interview guides, validated questions, real-time feedback and analytics for more data-driven hiring decisions. The acquisition of CollaboRATE will have a powerful impact on HireVue clients with:

  • Patented collaboration, feedback and comparison tools,
  • Enriched reporting and analytics from talent interactions,
  • Valuable insights on internal interviewers, recruiters and decision makers.

“Critical data is often the missing piece that separates great hires from poor ones.  CollaboRATE’s patented decision engine adds to what HireVue has set out to accomplish in powering more informed hiring choices,” said Mark Newman, CEO, HireVue.   “HireVue has built an almost decade-strong legacy of delivering collaborative, data-driven interview tools, and the CollaboRATE technology is a perfect complement to our newly-expanded platform.”

“We have invested significantly in CollaboRATE and in our business process patent.  Now, to secure broad reach for this technology, we needed a partner who is passionate about the interviewing space and has the talent to further develop the vision,” said Larry Hartmann, Managing Partner, ZRG Partners.  “With their state-of-the-art interview solutions, HireVue was a natural choice.”

This news comes on the heels of HireVue’s recently announced Talent Interaction Platform, expanded to include video, mobile and social enriched interactions across the spectrum of talent needs, from sourcing and screening to validation, interviewing and onboarding.  HireVue is constantly expanding and growing. Acquiring CollaboRATE is another step in the forward direction. 


Sorry We Can't Make the Call Our Hippo is Turning 40

If you're not aware of WorldVue now you should be. WorldVue is part of our goal of helping the world's greatest charitable organizations build the world's greatest teams by providing the technology, implementation, and support they need to screen and interview their volunteers.

As such, the sales cycle is seeming similar to our regular process. However, the NPO industry is a bit different when it comes to the employees and leadership. Some of the reasons you would see calls cancelled or rescheduled for regular sales interaction:

  • Someone is sick
  • The right person can't make it
  • End of quarter planning
  • Budget constraints
  • Timezone mix up

Some of the reason you might see a WorldVue call/meeting cancelled or rescheduled:

  • Hurricane relief
  • Food drives
  • Recruiting manager flying across the world to personally assist in humanitarian aide
  • Scheduling conflicts with 100+ branches who run their own volunteer selection process
  • Hippo birthdays

The worlds are completely different but the product is the same. HireVue's Talent Interaction Platform proving it's value for multiple industries. From everyone here at WorldVue, we want to wish Hannah Shirley a very happy 40th birthday!

HireVue One of Utah's Best Companies to Work For

Utah Business's yearly Best Companies to Work For has come to an end with HireVue making the list. Voted on by employees, HireVue made it's presence known in the small company category (~100 employees). 

A quoted team member in Utah Business Magazine's article, on HireVue: “We have a culture of trust, acceptance, encouragement and fun. Everyone is important and is valued.” 

Some of the awesome things you'll find at HireVue:

  • Video Game Station
  • Pool/Foosball Room
  • Fully Stocked Breakroom
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Telecommuting
  • Drawing of Zangief

Mark Newman, CEO/Founder of HireVue, accepted the award on behalf of the team members. Mark provided a few lines of humility, passion, and a strong guarantee that we would be there next year! 2013 is one for the record books. Keep doing great things for this company and for yourselves. We look forward to a new year, great things await! If you'd like to join us for this journey, please check out our current openings.

HireVue Family Holiday Party

Happy Holidays Vuers!


We are excited to have you join us at the HireVue Family Holiday Party. It will be great fun to spend time with our extended HireVue families. Here is the agenda for the party:



4:00pm – 6:00pm             Ice Skating at the Gallivan Center

6:00pm – 7:00pm             Dinner at the Marriott City Center

7:00pm – 7:45pm             Performance by Bradin’s bell choir

7:45pm – 8:30pm             Special visitor from the North Pole


Ice Skating

We will be ice skating at the Gallivan Center which is located next to the Marriott City Center. You can park at the Marriott City Center self-parking (not valet). We will provide parking validations. We will have a table next to the ice skating rink where you can pick up your tickets to skate. We will also have an outdoor café where you can enjoy some hot beverages and cookies.


Not a Skater?

No worries, come join us at the café while you enjoy shopping at City Creek, take a carriage ride or visit Temple Square.



Dinner will be at the Marriot City Center in the Olympus Ballroom which is on the 2nd floor. Enjoy a scrumptious dinner of Prime Rib and Salmon as well as a vegan entrée option. The chef has made a special buffet for younger pallets filled with all of their favorites!


Stay the Night

Marriott City Center is offering HireVue an incredible room rate of $89 if you would like to stay the night on Saturday night. If you are interested in booking a room, please call the Marriott City Center directly and tell them you are with the HireVue party.


Gallivan Center

239 South Main Street

Salt Lake City, UT


Marriott City Center

220 South State Street

Salt Lake City, UT


Sessions @ The Leonardo with Mark Newman

On Tues, Dec 10th from 6-8 pm Bryce Roberts is turning off the cameras and closing the doors for an extremely candid and open conversation with Mark Newman, CEO of Hirevue

Sessions @ The Leonardo is a discussion series of venture capitalist, and various business topics in a casual setting. These sessions, Hosted by Bryce Roberts of O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, will allow some of today's most brilliant minds in business and entrepreneurship delve into their unique mindset and game changing ideas.

On Tuesday (12/10) the next scheduled Sessions @ The Leonardo is our very own CEO/Founder Mark Newman. You will have an opportunity to listen to Mark share the highs and lows, the numbers, and the story behind HireVue. There will be an open mic for a Q&A session after.

Please RSVP (on their website) to this free event, and come support Mark and HireVue!

Big Growth News for HireVue

A press release crossed the wire this morning highlighting our Q3 success!

Quarterly Highlights Include:

  • 99 sales transactions
  • 69 percent year-over-year sales growth
  • More than 200 percent year-over-year increased adoption rates
  • Welcomed 45 new customers
  • Signed new and extended relationships with clients including American Express, Dunkin' Brands, H&R Block Inc., New York Stock Exchange Inc., Overstock, Urban Outfitters, Phillips 66, and GEICO
  • Signed HireVue's first US Federal Government Agency contract via partner KnowledgeBank
  • Launched integration with LinkedIn
  • Launched integrated solution for Salesforce
  • 6 new partnerships including Talent Collective, Technomedia and Aspex Solutions
  • Debut of HireVue's Certified Recruiter Program, an HRCI-accredited curriculum that arms HR professionals with modern recruiting skills
  • Interviews completed in more than 150 countries
  • Mobile app downloads for Android and iOS grew over 400% year-over-year
  • Customer candidates reported overall satisfaction score of 96 percent
  • The addition of more than 40 new team members to better serve customers

You can read the entire release here- http://hir.vu/1bjCuUM

HireVue's First Turkey Shoot

Last Tuesday we had our very first Turkey Shoot.......HireVue style!

Everyone in the office had a chance to show off their mad skills with the bow and arrow. It was time for them to get their "Katniss Everdeen" (for girls) or "Hawkeye" (for boys) on. Everyone showed some mad skills that proved we are not only wicked amazing when it comes to work, but also have great athletic ability.

The archers donned their pilgrim hats and set to shooting Nerf arrows at turkey targets. The top three highest scores won prizes. Congrats to Brian Allred who took first place and won a turkey. Adam Welch took second place and won some delicious turkey lunch meat. And Steve Kondris took third place and won some turkey gravy!

It wouldn't be a HireVue event without some delicious food! Buffalo Wild Wings filled our bellies after a competitive turkey shoot off.


Check out some of the sweet photos of the event:

colby shoot.jpg
Dave Shoot.jpg
Loren Shoot.jpg
Russell Shoot.jpg
Turkey shoot watching.jpg
brian winner.jpg

HireVue in the News

Life Changing Advocates

HireVue serves more than 200+ clients, and all their candidates with 24/7 coverage for any problem you can think of...with a team of 8. We solve problems, find new bugs, and work together to make the HireVue product better internally and externally. Here on the support team, we treat every call with what we refer to as a Life Changing Event (LCE). 

What exactly is an LCE? When you consider applying for a job, maybe even one here at HireVue, things are destined to change in your life. Schedule, pay (hopefully), and new career experience. HireVue as a company is determined to provide a platform which will help you obtain that dream job you've been waiting for, and to help you stand out in the crowd!

Have you ever experienced any problems on your way to an interview? Get lost? Forget your resume? Spill coffee on your nice new shirt? These things all coincide with problems people can face before their interview. You may also encounter some technological problems with your system that can prevent you from taking your interview on HireVue and that's where our support team steps in! Working around the clock to ensure you have the best possible experience with our platform and that you only need worry about performing, and not your computers performance.  

The Support team is a unique group of individuals who work together to accomplish the primary goal of helping our customers. Collaboration of ideas, solutions, and new features happens daily. We are on the front lines, and we apply the HireVue spirit and passion to every person that we help. Being a part of such a special moment in someone's life requires a delicate and special type of person. We strive for dedication, attention to detail, empathy, and having the drive to help someone change their life.