Would the Dallas Cowboys Sign a Player Based Off of a Resume?

Check out this great post by our very own Jordan Smith. Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse last week. 

This week I stumbled across a video of the Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett, giving a speech to the team. One thing that stuck out to me more than anything else in the entire video was this quote:

We watch the tape over and over and over again. We don’t care where you came from or what anybody else says about you. You are going to define yourself by what you do, what you say and don’t say, and how you present yourself each and everyday.

Which got me thinking about the differences between how a professional sports team, like the Dallas Cowboys, brings on top talent compared to how Corporate America has brought on top talent for the last, call it, 70 years.

The NFL Process

Before a player is signed to any team the process follows the same process for just about every team. Thousands of hours of film watching, extensive collaboration with other coaches and general managers, putting players through rigorous workouts to effectively determine whether they are worth the investment, and using advanced statistics and data to adequately find the best of the best and the diamonds in the rough.

If The Dallas Cowboys Were Like Corporate America

However... let's pretend for a moment that the Dallas Cowboys operate the in the same backwards fashion Corporate America continues to operate.

Resume first.

Before a player can even be considered by a team he first has to submit a resume with a list of all accomplishments and career statistics. If these numbers match up to what the team believes is a top performing player they will pick up the phone and call the player to do a quick phone screen. If the player presents himself well he will be brought in for a further evaluation.

Now, I cannot confirm this, but this may be how the Oakland Raiders are building their teams... Yikes.

The Better Way...

If you can't determine a football player's real talent with superficial figures like 6'3 and a 40 yard dash then why are companies selecting their talent with papers that say 3.8 and "passionate transformational leader"? The 21st Century is about capturing passion and potential.

At HireVue we believe:

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