Why You Should Work for a Company that Cares about You

As we continue our series of highlighting why HireVue is a great place to work, today's post showcases how we care for our team members. These examples highlight the small acts we do around the office to ensure all team members feel loved and appreciated. 

Unlimited PTO

We don't track time-off and team members take it when they need it. We are more concerned that they have the quality of life they need to be productive at their work and accomplish great things - rather than holding them to a specific daily, weekly, and annual work schedule.

We are very active in supporting our team members through all life events. If something personal happens, team members are encouraged to take time off to take care of the issue. Due to our unlimited PTO policy, our team members feel comfortable knowing they can return to work when they are ready. 

Health Events & Gym Reimbursement 

We provide health- gym membership reimbursement for all team members and also sponsor and promote various events such as tournaments, leagues, races, and other events throughout the year. 

Some sporting events we have sponsored include: 

Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay Race

24 Hour Charity Gaming Events

Daily Lunch

We know team members are busy and don't want to take time leaving the office to buy lunch. That is why we have a kitchen full of food. We go to Costco twice a month and stock up. Two refrigerators are filled with meats, cheese, yogurt, milk, etc. The shelves are stocked with snacks, nuts, granola bars, etc.

We also have a a daily lunch program where team members can order from a rotating lunch menu and only pay $5. The company pays the difference and picks up the food for the day. We order lunch from various restaurants throughout the valley to add variety. 

New Baby 

We had 20 babies born in 2014. Each parent was given a HireVue branded box, HireVue onesie, and a super soft blanket. This has been a fun tradition we have upheld to welcome a new little Vuer to the family. Here is an email from one of our team members about the gift:

I just wanted to say thank you for arranging it and let you know that it was a hit in my house. My wife thinks that it is “so cute”. It was definitely a nice surprise when it showed up at our house.

Family Events 

Life happens and family members get ill, need surgery, or even pass away. When these events happen, we make sure to send flowers, cookie bouquets, or other gifts to let our team members know we are thinking about them. 

A few team members have even lost very close family members and as a company we have rallied together to help out either financially or emotionally during these trying times. 

Accommodating Work Space

Everyone has their own style and their own preference on how they "get in the zone" at work. That is why we have a variety of work space options. All our offices are equipped with sit-to-stand desks so team members do not have to sit all day. If team members are in cubicles, they can request a sit-to-stand system so they may enjoy the versatility of their desk. 

We also decorate our office in bright, vibrant colors to keep the work space exciting and inviting. With the sixth floor views we have windows around the office to let sunshine in all day long. There is not a dreary corner in the office. 

Tuition Reimbursement 

We provide tuition reimbursement for all team members. Approximately 15% of our workforce participates in our tuition reimbursement program. We are flexible in what courses are covered because we want to better people's skills, not just at HireVue, but in their life.

For example - we reimbursed one team member's tuition so he could learn how to code and move on to a different opportunity outside of HireVue. 

Flexible Work Schedules

We understand life happens and sometimes you need to work from home. We do not track the time team members are in the office. We trust our team members to do what is right and use their time wisely and productively. 

For example, every Thursday is "work from home" day for our Engineering team. No meetings are scheduled in the office. This allows the Engineers flexibility with their schedules to complete projects or attend to personal needs during the week. 


These are just a few of the many examples of how we take care of our team members. Without our amazing team we would not be able to accomplish all that we have done. We believe in giving our people freedom and flexibility so they can perform at their best level. 

Does your company do all this? If not, you are missing out and should find a new place to work. Check out our open positions, we love finding great talent.