Why You Should Always Take Action and Never Be Complacent

As July quickly approaches, with it comes the one year anniversary at HireVue. My VueDay marks for me more than just a calendar year worked at this amazing company. A year ago was the time I decided I was unhappy with the current situation I was in and chose to “Lean Toward Action”.

July 2014 I was in a situation where I was unhappy with just about everything in my life. I was at a job where I felt trapped and unappreciated and I was making decisions that were poisoning my personal life and my relationships. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was 24 years old and miles away from where I felt I should be when I compared myself to those around me. I decided it was time to take control of my personal and professional life.

               This decision to take action has shown me, throughout the past year, why it’s important to “Lean Toward Action” in every aspect of our lives. I think people generally want to help others and make a big impact on those around them. Our lives however, are so busy and hectic with things going on that we need to focus on ourselves in order to keep us afloat. This often times leads the desire to help others being overshadowed by the need to help ourselves.

               HireVue has created an environment where an individual with motivation and drive can succeed -- an environment where a person’s potential is rewarded. We inevitably reach a point where potential can no longer carry us and our future is decided by the actions we take.

               HireVue’s third AttriVute speaks of not being afraid to make mistakes. After all, we’ve heard it a thousand times - nobody is perfect. Mistakes will happen and with those, the opportunity to take action and correct them. Successful business requires that its employees push through mistakes and adversity and continue to bigger and brighter futures.

               We get a lot of opportunity to push through adversity while working for a fast-growing company like HireVue. By ensuring that current and potential Vuers are excited about their future and taking action to create opportunities for growth, we can continue to grow at incredible rates. Attitude is infectious and the attitude manufactured at HireVue makes it possible to do the things that we do.

               The start up mentality we strive to keep at HireVue makes taking action come as second nature to many Vuers. Everybody plays a role in what makes HireVue incredible. Continue to excite the minds of new hires and veterans alike and the sky is the limit. Thank you all for creating such a rewarding environment to be a part of.


- Jordan Holdaway, Client Services Representative at HireVue