7 Tips to Create a Strong Culture at Your Start-Up

When you are in a start-up it may be difficult to create the culture you desire for your company. Below are seven practices we follow at HireVue that help make our culture one of a kind. 

Minimal Rules & Policies

We've all had those jobs in large companies where the employee handbook is the size of a dictionary and policies are laid out for the simplest of actions. At HireVue we pride ourselves in the fact that we do not bog down the team with over-complicated rules. We follow our Attrivute #1 - Act Like an Owner to guide our decisions. 

hire QUALITY talent 

Your people are your culture. Make sure you hire individuals who exemplify your core values and help foster an enjoyable work environment. We wouldn't be who are today without the amazing talent of our team. Many Vuers have commented that the main reason they joined HireVue was because of the world-class talent in the company. We work hard and we know how to get results. 

Feed Your People

Our daily tasks can get overwhelming and our schedules so full that we don't have time to go out and get lunch. Let your team members know you value their time and give them access to food so they can focus on their work. At HireVue team members have access to a fully stocked kitchen so no one goes hungry. If you go hungry here, it's your own fault (or we ran out of food too fast). 

let your team be heard

No one wants to feel like they don't have a voice in their company. People want to show who they really are. Starting your own TED Talk series is a great way to invite team members to present on various topics. At HireVue we believe every person has a voice and we let our Vuers share their stories. Every other Tuesday we gather together for a Brown Bag Mind Meld presentation, eat lunch, and listen to each other's adventures. 

Fun Work Environment 

Make your office a fun place to work. When a candidate comes in for an interview you want their first reaction to be "Man, that looks like a great place to work!" At HireVue we have a very open and collaborative office. Forget about the drab, grey, uniform cubicles. We've got vibrant reds, yellows, greens, and blues splashed across the office to keep us happy and alert. Daily you will hear our sales gong ring as we close deals. Office doors are left open to encourage interaction. 


don't keep secrets

Your team members will be more invested in the company if they know what is going on. Don't keep secrets from them. Every month we gather as a whole company and talk about the business. Sales goals, finances, marketing, etc. are discussed and all questions are open for the asking. We are all owners and we believe everyone has the right to know where the company is going. 


Top Notch Product

Lastly, you can't build a great company and culture without a great product. Our CEO, Mark Newman, always says that it is very easy to make a crappy company and really hard to make an amazing company. That is why we work so hard to deliver an industry leading product. We are transforming the HR space and allowing candidates to share their stories, giving companies tools to find amazing talent, and helping recruiters save time. 

Tell us what else you think should be included in the list in the comments below!