What Do Pi Day and St. Patrick's Day Have In Common?

Nothing really....unless you work at HireVue. These two days were filled with short and simple activities that filled the office full of laughter and camaraderie.

At HireVue we always follow one of our motto's - "Work Hard Play Hard." As you can see from our product to our customer service, we know how to work hard and deliver results. However, we also know how to have a good time and keep a cheerful spirit around the office. 

This past week we participated in two events during our lunch hour - a pie eating contest last Friday and a St. Patrick's day themed party on Tuesday. 

Pi Day-

In case you didn't know, last Saturday was Pi Day 3.14.15. Since we don't work on Saturdays we brought pies to the office on Friday afternoon. Four very brave contestants volunteered to participate in the pie eating contest. The goal was to consume a Banana Cream pie the fastest. As you can see from the pictures, more pie ended up on the contestants than inside their stomachs. 

St. Patrick's Day -

You can't celebrate an Irish holiday without potatoes. So naturally we brought in a baked potato bar. Then we concluded the lunch with some St. Patrick's Day themed "Minute to Win It" games such as: peel a head of cabbage in 1 min., stack the tallest mint patty tower in 1 min., and get a mint patty from your forehead to your mouth with no hands in 1 min. Needless to say, the last game was the most entertaining. 

Bringing your team together and having fun does not necessarily mean you need to stop working. Use your lunch hour to host fun and simple activities that will give your team a break and enjoy each other's company. A little bit can go a long way. 

A helpful link to get started on simple workplace events is this website Holiday Insights. They list any random holiday. Pick a few out and see what happens.