What's the One Day When Your Life Changed Forever?

Special thanks to Col Carter for this great post! 

As my VueDay (September 22nd) has passed, I can’t help but take time to reflect on my life’s journey and how I ended up at such an amazing company that has helped to change my world for the better.

Most people can recall a specific day or an event that’s had a significant impact on their future.

For me, one of those days was February 14, 2014. 

Prior to this date, I had already made some tough, yet important decisions in life. I made a huge career change after completing 6 successful years teaching high school social studies. I was married (don’t worry, I still am). I had 2 kids (still have them, as well). I had what seemed to be a great job and a nice home in a fantastic neighborhood. I would have considered myself… happy.

We found out earlier that year that my wife was pregnant. This was something that I was a little nervous about. Life with 2 kids is pretty smooth. It’s like playing man-on-man defense for any sports junkies out there.

If kid 'A' has a meltdown in a store? No problem, one parent can take the kid 'A' outside to the car. Kid 'B' has a messy diaper, or needs to go to the bathroom? Again, no problem. The other parent can deal with it. Life with 3 kids though, that scared me to death. Like switching from man to zone defense, but this time the parents are outnumbered. 

Feb 14, 2014 was just like any other day. I woke up, drove to work, and began my daily responsibilities for the company I was working with.


I received a text message from my wife. It stated, “I’m headed to the hospital… I might be losing the baby.” 

I was shocked. We had never experienced anything like this at all. I found an empty corner of my office building and broke down, unsure of what to do next. I don’t remember exactly what happened next, but somehow I made my way to the emergency room to be with my wife.

It was there that I learned the news that would change. my. life. FOREVER:

1. My wife was not losing the baby, and all vitals appeared to be fine. To say I was relieved would be a huge understatement. 

2. It wasn’t just one baby. It was two. My wife was pregnant with twins, due in September of 2014.

At that moment, everything that seemed perfect in my life (the kids, the job, the home) didn’t seem adequate enough.

Six months later, with the help of Shane Barker, I found myself completing a digital interview for a company called HireVue. A month after that, the twins, William and Georgia were born (bringing my total kid count up to four).


A few months later we received an asking price offer on our home after it being listed for only 5 days. And in another month, we would move to a new, larger house across town. 

New job, new kids, and a new neighborhood. The transitions have gone quite smooth. We celebrated the twins’ birthday on August 30th, and my VueDay on September 22nd.

The past year at HireVue has been amazing. I’ve met so many great people: coworkers, customers, and prospects. I’ve traveled to some of the coolest corporate offices in the United States.

I like to think that I’ve been instrumental in helping other companies do what HireVue has done for me. They took a guy with an average resume and gave him a chance to tell his story and prove why he would be a good fit for the organization. 

I hope my work at HireVue is far from finished. I know that I have so much more to gain (and give) while I am here. As I celebrate my first year down, I also understand it’s time to live up to Attrivute  #8: Celebrate and move on. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I’ve got to create another amazing year that I can celebrate in 2016.  

Col Carter started his career in education. He soon discovered that he had a passion for taking on marketing and recruiting projects for his schools. As he excelled in these projects, Col Carter realized that he wanted to pursue a career outside of education. He has worked hard to refine his training skills within a sales organization and enjoys the opportunity to provide new technology overviews and trainings for multiple industries. Col Carter understands the importance of strong communication and clear direction throughout the sales and implementation phases of technology adoption.