What to Expect When You Apply at HireVue - The Candidate Guide

At HireVue we claim our product improves the hiring process. But how do we use our own product to hire the incredible people who work for us?  

Look no further!

It's time for the low down. Check out our 7 step process for hiring at HireVue. 

Step 1: Find Out About the Job: 

A) You were referred by someone in the company who thinks you would be a great fit. 

B) You found the job posting on vuenation.com or another job site. 

C) We find you and message you about the position. 

Step 2: You Do Your Research: 

You start thinking, "Okay, is this company really as cool as they claim?" Then the research begins. You start perusing the VueNation blog, you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You read up about the company and software on hirevue.com

Still not convinced you come by the office and are amazed at what you see. The office space is open and collaborative. The team members are friendly and helpful. You get to snack out in the fully stocked kitchen and play a game of pool with some team members. 

By the end of your visit you are legitimately impressed and ready to take the next step. 

Step 3: You Apply for the Position and Complete an On Demand Interview: 

Now that HR has reviewed your resume and wants to give you a chance, you receive a link to complete your first (maybe second or third....who knows, maybe you are a veteran at video interviewing....) on demand recorded interview. 

It's a great experience. You don't have to leave your house, you only have to dress nice from the waist up, and you get to record the interview on your own time - which may mean at 1:30am when the house is finally quiet! 

You hit the submit button with confidence that you did a great job. 

Step 4: We Share Your Interview with the Decision Maker: 

This is the step that often takes the longest. It's the dreaded waiting time where you wonder if you you will make the cut and get called in for an in-person interview. 

This is the chance for the hiring manager to watch and rate all the interviews on his or her own time. Whether that be first thing in the morning, or late at night. Again, the ease and convenience is awesome. 

After the hiring manager is done rating and sharing with other team members, he or she notifies HR to reach out to the lucky few who get to move onto the next step. 

Step 5: Come in for an In-Person Interview OR Live HireVue Interview: 

It happened! You received the glorious email indicating that HireVue wants to move forward and meet in person! Or if you are in another state you are able to meet via video through the HireVue Live video feature. 

Obviously the structure of the in-person interviews vary by team. Some teams conduct a rigorous 5-6 hour interview with panel sessions and project sessions. Others will have you come meet with a handful of team members for a few hours. 

Either way you get to come check out our office and really get a feel for the HireVue culture and its people. By the time you leave your first thought is "I really really really want to work here!"

Step 6: The Finalizing Items: 

We've met with you, we think you are pretty awesome, but we still have a few more things for you to do. It varies by teams, but most often you are asked to complete a reference check, show us your skills or work, or submit a project. 

Now that we've seen your work and what other people have to say about you, we are ready to move to the final step that all candidates look forward to. 

Step 7: You Get the Job!

Yes! All your wildest dreams have come true and you are ecstatic about starting your new dream gig at HireVue. You get your new hire swag box in the mail complete with your HireVue branded polos, journal, and hat. 

You are now a Vuer. You are part of VueNation. Welcome, come help us create something amazing. 

What do you think about our process? Leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you!