Valentine's Special - Why We Love Vue

Valentine's Day is on Saturday and love is in the air at HireVue. We wanted to do a special blog post highlighting why our team members love being part of VueNation. Here are our 10 reasons:


I love HireVue because everyone around is always positive and uplifting! HireVue is the greatest place to work.
— Lindsey


My coworkers are like family and we celebrate our individual successes as one team working towards the common goal of building an incredible company. Coming into work every day in our swanky office is exciting. I am valued and encouraged to be great. We enable the incredible every single minute of every day and that feels amazing!
— Shayla


I love working at HireVue because HireVue cares! You know what you are working on matters and the Vue team is appreciative.
— Oumar


I love working for HireVue because it truly is like a family. And like a family, it’s not perfect …we’re dysfunctional and messy and noisy and get mad but we are there for each other. We celebrate in our successes and we stress through our failures. We love and respect and care for one another. HireVue is home.
— Sharline


I love HireVue because here I am empowered to find new and better ways of doing things.
— Jane


I love selling HireVue – it’s sexy, innovative, disruptive, AND I get to be on camera all the time! ;) But seriously, I get to do all of this while working with the best team in the world #VueNation #LuvVue
— Phil


I love HireVue because of the culture, vision, leadership, customers and compensation. We disrupt HR and have a killer time doing it!
— Zach


HireVue is a place where it is okay to lead, follow or learn. We are talented, smart, and hungry people and everyone has a winning mindset. In short, HireVue is a place where it is okay to be your crazy self...
— Ben


I love HireVue because we are making old things new and okay things great!
— Brent


Now it's your turn. Tell us why you love HireVue in the comments below.