Through the Looking Glass - HireVue's 10 Year Adventure

It's crazy to think that 10 years has already passed. With our Fiscal Year closing at the end of this week, we wanted to reflect on the memories we have created over the past decade. 

We know it can take hours to research a company spare you the trouble of doing all the research yourself, we've compiled some of the historic events, favorite memories, and random statistics over the past 10 years. 

This is also a special little nugget for those individuals interviewing at HireVue who want a one-stop-shop to find out all about HireVue. Kinda seems too good to be true. 

A Brief History 

  • HireVue started out as a school internship. See video below for more details.
  • Mark Newman, CEO and Founder, started the company when he was 20 years old.
  • We built up a transparent and awesome board of directors
  • February 2012 - We launched the mobile app for iPhone and Android
  • August 2012 - We announced the close of $22 million in funding led by Investor Growth Capital.
  • October 2012 - HireVue Mobile App was named a Top HR Product of the year. 
  • October 2012 - We launched - OpenVue
  • October 2012 - We moved into our new office located in South Jordan, Utah.
  • January 2013 - We launched CodeVue - the world's first cloud-based digital recruiting platform.
  • October 2013 - We raised $25 million in funding led by Sequoia Capital.
  • January 2014 - We acquired Reschedge - the world's most advanced interview coordination software.
  • January 2014 - We launched our WorldVue platform to transform the way non-governmental organizations source and select their volunteers worldwide. 
  • July 2014 - We launched HireVue Insights - the world's first data-driven candidate and interviewer recommendation engine. 
  • October 2014 - We won Top HR Product of the year for HireVue Insights.

Memories From The Past

  • Our old office was located in Draper, Utah and held about 40-50 employees. Obviously we ran into some space issues fairly quickly and had to cram in as many people as possible. 
 Old Office

Old Office

 New Office

New Office

  • Our first product and engineering office was made out of the garage/storage room. 
  • Our first conference room was so small and hot that during the summer we would have a fan blow air on a bucket full of ice to cool down the room. 
  • BBQ's were always happening. All the food was homemade and the parties were epic (note, this was when we still only had about 50 team members so it was much easier to scale). 
  • There was a bookshelf full of dress up clothes and props that were used to make music videos. These videos still exist but will probably never see the light of day to spare certain individuals an embarrassment. 
  • During the early days we would always go bowling for company activities. We even made company bowling shirts. 
  • Before our team grew too large, Alison Hartle would bring a homemade birthday cake of your choice to the office for your birthday. You have never had a birthday cake like the ones Alison makes! 
                                Chip loving his homemade spice cake for his birthday

                               Chip loving his homemade spice cake for his birthday

Random Stats From 2014

  • Our hiring continued to grow from only 7 team members hired in 2009 to 82 team members hired in 2014. 
  • The ending team member number for 2014 was 261. 
  • We made 18 trips to Costco to stock the office with food and supplies. 
  • Cafe Rio was a constant at HireVue with 25 catered orders consumed.
  • With the launch of our lunch ordering program in March, our most popular restaurant was Simply Thai with 407 orders for the year. 
  • Twenty babies were born into the HireVue family.That means 1 out of 10 Vuers had a baby last year. 
  • We hosted three successful VueNation Academy events in our SLC office. 
  • We had to do three cubicle re-configurations to make room for our growing numbers.
  • We acquired the fifth floor of our office building and will take it over Summer 2015.
  • We have a random amount of duplicate names for a company of roughly 200 team members. 
    • 6 Chris's
    • 6 David's
    • 5 Michael's
    • 4 Rob's
    • 4 Daniel's 
    • 3 Ben's, Brian's, Jeff's, Jordan's, Matt's, Ryan's, Steve's, and Tara's

Well there you have it. A condensed history of HireVue for your enjoyment. Obviously we couldn't fit all that has happened as a company into one single blog post. Tell us what we missed in the comments below!