This Is Why You Should Prank In The Office

Why should you prank in your office? Because it's awesome and hilarious and it brings laughter. This April Fools was a year to remember. Here is a quick recap of what went down: 

1. You're Fired!

Evan was on vacation for two weeks and we thought it would be good idea to make him believe he had been fired. We packed up his desk and left a termination notice. Too bad he didn't believe us.....

2. Let Me Hear You Roar!

We decided to prank Dustin - a team member who works from home. Since we knew he wouldn't be in the office, we posted this flyer:

All the Vuers joined in by calling him on his office phone line. Loud guttural cries could be heard throughout the office. By 2pm we hadn't heard anything from Dustin so we sent him this email: 

Psych! Fake email to get him to check his voicemail. His response is classic.

A few minutes later we received his response:

Thanks for being a good sport Dustin, and thanks to everyone who participated. 

3. You Are Moving to Australia!

Darren Jaffrey and Porter Williams' wife schemed together to pull a wonderful prank on Porter. Read about it here

                                    Haha! Gotta love Porter's face!

                                   Haha! Gotta love Porter's face!

4. Delicious Truffle Time! 

For anyone who has been in the office around Christmas time they always look forward to Ricky Simmons' wife making mountains of truffles. These rare beauties are a treat that are always anticipated. This was the email we received from Ricky this morning: 

Thunderous footsteps could be heard as people rushed into the kitchen to devour the truffles. Only to find out that Ricky had tricked us! Well played, well played.

5. Deja Vu

Two years ago Ryan Henricksen joined our Engineering team on April 1st. These are the words from Ryan about his experience two years previous:

"I was starting a new job that I was super stoked about, I totally forgot it was April 1st. I thought I would "dress up" for my first day, so I wore jeans and a nice polo shirt instead of the traditional tee and shorts. I got to the office and saw everyone dressed up. The first thing I thought was, "I wonder if a customer was visiting?" because at my previous job the entire office was asked to dress nicer than usual when customers were visiting.

I asked around and found out no customer visits were scheduled. I then thought, "okay, maybe this is that type of culture and they only have casual friday". I then started to take mental inventory of how many slacks and dress shirts and ties I had, and how many more I would have to buy with my first paycheck ... even Pete dressed up for a hangouts meeting, and he's remote! LOL

11AM rolled around and all of the engineers came into my office (including Pete on a laptop) and yelled "APRIL FOOLS!" and then took me out to lunch. I then realized it was April fools, and felt a HUGE relief. I HATE dressing up, going to church in a tie is bad enough for me. However, I thought, "This company is rad enough, I wouldn't mind having to dress up". Best first day, EVER!"


The engineering team decided to take the prank to the next level. This was the email Paul sent out yesterday: 

"We have a new hire starting tomorrow named Matt Hansen. We set a precedent on April 1st a couple of years ago (before my time) and all dressed up for Ryan Henricksen's, so he would feel foolish and awkward on his first day. I'm not sure how successful we were, but I think it was an awesome prank that remains an awesome idea today, so we'd like to do it again to Matt tomorrow on his first day.

So, my ask is that anyone who is working locally tomorrow and plans to be in the office--please dress up in your nicest suit/tie/etc? I know it'll be a bit of a pain, but think of the pain you can cause someone else by doing so and it'll start to feel better (at least it does to me). :D Join me, and let's kick off Matt's first day in style! (and hopefully awkwardness)"


Unbeknownst to Ryan, this was a prank to be pulled on him again! So today Ryan showed up in his best suit and tie only to realize that he was the only team member dressed up AGAIN! April Fools! 

Watch out Engineering team, Ryan is out to get revenge! 

We had a great April Fools! Tell us which prank was your favorite in the comment section below.