Welcoming Your New Hires & Making an Impression

One fun part of being an energetic and exciting company is that we are often nominated for many awards centered around "Best Company to Work For." Amidst the many applications we have filled out, we have noticed a few trends on what makes a great company. 

We have decided to do a mini blog series detailing how HireVue strives to be a top company to work for. These are our own experiences on what makes a difference for our team members, customers, and candidates. 

The series will include posts on the following topics: 

Hiring & Welcoming





This week's topic is on Hiring and Welcoming. In a previous post titled "What to Expect When You Apply at HireVue - The Candidate Guide" we outlined our hiring process. This week we will share how we welcome our new team members to HireVue. 

Hiring & Welcoming: 

Cultural immersion is important to us when it comes to onboarding our new hires. During the recruitment process our recruiters make sure job candidates get introduced to the company culture.

For example, our recruiters invite candidates for an office tour during which candidates get a chance to meet people in the organization, check out our cool work environment, and learn specifics about the role. 

Here's what a new team member experiences during their onboarding process: 

Personal Connection 

Right after the offer letter is signed, our HR Manager reaches out to the new hire to: welcome them to the organization, give them a preview of the days/weeks ahead in terms of onboarding, and provide them with resources to learn about the company, the people, and the company product. 

Wicked Sweet Swag

Every new team member receives a "Welcome to the Team" package in the mail. This HireVue branded crate is full of the necessary HireVue swag so you are ready to go on your first day. 

Time for the IntroVue

Our new team members always think they are done with being on camera. We like to throw in a little surprise and ask them to  complete an IntroVue (a HireVue digital interview introducing him/herself to the organization). In the interview, a new hire answers video questions such as:

  • Please share your professional background with everybody: Who are you? What are you about?
  • Who are you outside of work? What is it you do in your spare time?
  • What is your most proud accomplishment (s) inside and/or outside of work? Please explain why.
  • At HireVue, is there something you have a passion for or expertise in that you could share or help others with?
  • What do you want to experience during your time at HireVue?
  • What can we do to help you be as successful as you can be?

Once the interview is complete, a link goes to the whole organization inviting them to review the interview. So far this has been a great way for us to introduce our new hires to the organization.

Work Space & Equipment 

We like to make sure all team members are comfortable with their work equipment, that is why team members can request a laptop (within reason) that will help them work best. If team members work from home, they are allowed to purchase certain items to ensure they have adequate resources to do their job. 

On their first day they are introduced to their desk where it is already configured and set up for them to go (our IT team is amazing by the way). This helps speed up ramp time since the new team member does not need to waste time setting up their work space. 


On a new hires first day our HR team tries their very best to do a detailed tour around the office and start introductions. The HR team also tries to keep paper work to a minimum and only cover the essentials so the new hire can start working as soon as possible. 

Team Lunch 

On day one the new hire is taken to lunch by their team. This is a great time to relax and allow the new team member an opportunity to connect with their team on a more casual level. Plus everyone loves free lunch! 

VueNation Academy

Within two weeks to a month of start date, new hires are invited to our corporate HQ in Salt Lake City, Utah to attend a new hire training/culture immersion event called VueNation Academy.

The event spans two days during which new hires learn more about the company, meet the CEO/Founder, the Executive team, heads of departments, learn about the product, etc. Out of VueNation Academy, a new hire is fully immersed into the organizational culture and ready to start contributing. 

As you can see we strive to give our new hires the resources they need to feel welcome and be excited to work hard and do their very best. 

What else have you seen companies do to help immerse their new hires into their culture? We'd love to hear! Leave your comments below.