The Unlikely Hire – A True Story


Everyone has a unique story to tell. We are all more than just bullet points on a resume. Check out Alison Taylor's unique story on getting hired at HireVue. 

Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse:

After 9 years at an ad agency, I found myself job hunting in late June – not something I expected to be doing at this point in my career.

Living adjacent to the Silicon Slopes of Utah, I’d occasionally looked at positions with the many tech companies that have sprouted up recently and are within a 30-minute commute of home. 

However, as I had no high tech or SaaS experience, any time I applied, my resume never got past the ATS keyword screen.

Thanks to an amazing company with an amazing product, that all changed in mid-July. 

The company (which I’d looked into before), HireVue, posted an “Amazing Sales Analyst” position. While the bulk of my career has been in Marketing, the last few years have afforded me more of an opportunity to optimize marketing campaigns - not just to the point of lead generation, but all the way through the funnel by focusing on cost to acquire a revenue-generating customer (i.e., a Sales Analyst!). 

But how to convey this on a resume?!  I tried – a meager effort, at best – and submitted my resume to HireVue’s website.  Much to my horror, the site didn’t allow (or I missed?) adding a cover letter, where I could draw the parallels for anyone who might actually read it. 

Oh well, I thought; at least this counts as one of my four job submissions for the unemployment weekly filing requirements!

Imagine my surprise when I got an email requesting I complete something called an “on-demand recorded interview” two days later.  This prompted me to do more research, and I realized that the technology I would be using to create this “on-demand recorded interview” is the exact technology that HireVue developed and sells. 

I loved how their website focused on the benefits of allowing applicants to tell their stories – not just letting their resume try to do it for them.

Since the tone of the job posting was slightly irreverent and filled with humor, and I had zero expectations of continuing in the process, I settled in with my trusty iPhone to record my interview – being exactly my slightly irreverent, occasionally-humorous self.  

Because I’m a testing and analysis geek, I was drawn to the idea of all applicants being evaluated on the same footing – same questions, same amount of prep time for each question and answering each question.  Talk about an apples-to-apples comparison!  And it let me be the “me” they would get if they actually wanted to meet in person.

Well, they liked my on-demand enough to bring me in for two rounds of in-person interviews.  And here I am – the unlikeliest hire. 

I was told that if they only had my resume, I would never have made it past the first round because I was missing two components that a normal ATS resume screen would have sought.  But they loved my story and felt that I was the best person for the role.  Lucky me!

I’m completely sold on this technology for so many reasons, and I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve encountered digital interviewing. 

I’m all for anything that results in a better hire, allows better and faster hiring decisions, and creates opportunities for more applicants to be considered in a shorter period of time (so that not just the first couple dozen resumes get included before HR is overwhelmed and pulls the job posting). 

But mostly, I’m delighted they created the tool allowing me to tell my story, and now I’m part of #VueNation. &