Three Ways to Foster A Culture of Transparency


At HireVue, we value transparency and foster a culture of transparency. Sure, many companies claim they are "transparent." But what does that really mean? Here are three examples of how HireVue strives to keep information flowing throughout the company. 


Every other Tuesday, one of our team members presents on a topic of interest to the whole company during lunch time. Topics have varied from personal interests, life experiences, and work-related questions on the mind of most team members in the company.

Some fun examples of Brown Bag presentations have been

  • How to make eggrolls
  • What is CrossFit and why do people do it? 
  • Extreme kite flying 
  • Various trips around the world
  • Financial savvy tricks

These activities are a great opportunity for team members to relax and learn a new skill. Plus they get to learn more about their fellow co-worker's lives and interests outside of work. 


As a fast growing company, the understanding of how the company makes money has been a mystery to many people outside the Finance/ Accounting team. As a way to resolve this ambiguity around the company Finance, our CFO has started a practice of meeting with each functional team once a quarter to answer any questions related to the company Finance.

Questions range from

  • What is our sales goal number this year?
  • How much revenue did we make last?
  • How much did we spend?
  • What is our customer acquisition cost?
  • Who are our investors?
  • How much do they each own in the company?

This practice not only helps educate everyone on the company Finance but also helps us foster a culture of transparency. 


Once a month, the whole company gets together for an hour of updates on what is going on and what is coming ahead. Our CEO, Mark, leads the meetings and entertains any questions thrown at him.

For example, he has responded to questions such as:

  • We are running out of office space, what is our plan to accommodate upcoming new hires?
  • What is our plan for global expansion?
  • When will we go for an IPO?

These questions, among others, are frequently asked during the monthly meetings. Mark is always open and answers all the questions to his best ability. This is a great demonstration of sharing information openly with all team members. It also creates an atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable asking a question and know they will get an honest answer. 

These are just a few examples of how we strive to be as transparent as possible. What other suggestions do you have for fostering a culture of transparency? Comment below!