The Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Work at HireVue

Everyone internally knows that HireVue is the best place to work. However, sometimes it can get tricky to convince candidates otherwise. Some think it's an act, others don't believe something so good can actually exist.

Well we're here to tell you that an incredible work environment is possible and we have it right here. 

We went around and asked many of our team members to give us their #1 reason for joining the HireVue team. These are their real and honest answers ranked by popularity. 

1. The People

This was by far the most popular response. Aside from being incredibly good looking, (come on just look at this group!) we are also genuine people. Many Vuers mentioned that the high caliber of team members they met during their interview process was a huge motivator to work at HireVue.

2. Start-Up Environment

Many of our current team members previously worked in large corporate companies. The appeal of HireVue was the small company/startup environment. They loved the chance to come into a smaller company and learn new skills and develop and grow in their profession. 

3. Cool Technology

What can we say, our product rocks and our people see it. Multiple Vuers were attracted to HireVue due to the cutting edge technology we develop. Our team members want to work for a company that has a product that actually works and can change lives. 

4. The Culture

There it is, that buzzword everyone talks about. So instead of just saying our culture is amazing (which it is and if you don't believe us, just check out the rest of this site), we will tell you what aspects make our culture unique and desirable. 

  • Comfortable and casual work environment 
  • Everyone is happy 
  • Food
  • Work is very results driven

Obviously there are more reasons than the above mentioned, but these were a few of the responses we received about the culture of HireVue. 

5. Opportunity for growth

Due to our start-up nature, many opportunities arise due to growth and need. Multiple Vuers have moved into various roles and leadership positions within the company. If you do great work you will be recognized and rewarded. There is no corporate ladder to climb. You create your own destiny. 

6. Autonomy and Work Life Balance

We follow our Attrivute #1 Act Like An Owner to guide all our actions and decisions. We hire smart and ambitious people and we leave them alone to get their work done. There is no micro managing, no clocking in, and no babysitting. We expect you to get your work done and do it well. 

7. Management

Our leaders try to be as transparent as possible. Monthly we gather as a whole company and discuss business - what's working, what's not, and where we are going. At the end we are given time to ask our CEO any question and he will answer. Again, we are  all owners and have a right to know how our business is doing. 

8. Create Change and Make a Difference

Our product is amazing and we know it can change the way candidates interview and the way companies find talent. Our team members see that vision and value and want to share our product to everyone. It is rewarding to know that you are creating and selling a product that actually creates value and changes lives. 

Well there you have it, our top reasons for joining HireVue. We know we aren't a perfect company, but we think we are doing some pretty amazing stuff to attract and retain the top talent we have. Want to join our team? Check our open positions here