The Importance of Thanking & Appreciating Your Team

Today's blog post is part two on our series covering how HireVue strives to be a top company to work for. A few weeks ago we covered how we welcome and hire our new team members. Today's post highlights how HireVue uses unique and creative ways to show appreciation. 

Social Recognition:

Any team member can recognize someone at any time using SalesForce Chatter. This has been a great tool to publicly announce stellar performance by team members. Here is a great example of one of our Customer Support team members being recognized: 

Thank you Marcus for going above and beyond to support a CEO Live interview for one of our customers this week. He monitored the session on the back end and proactively reached out when he noticed the candidate had not joined on time. Our support team rocks!

Founder's Club: 

Each year team members are nominated and awarded a vacation paid by HireVue. Sales people who exceed their quota attend, as well as team members who make a significant impact to the business. This way the focus is not only on sales people but all team members who contribute to the success of the company. The past trips have been to Hawaii and Mexico. 

Star Awards: 

We give annual star awards to team members who exceed results. These unique "trophies" are displayed at team members desks so they can show off their accomplishments from the past year. 

End of Quarter Celebrations: 

The end of quarter can be a stressful time. So on the last day of the quarter and fiscal year our CEO orders in lunch for the whole office. If we close a large deal we will often celebrate with cake, donuts, or other fatty and delicious treat. 

Unique T-Shirts: 

Our Engineering team has a tradition of awarding their team members with uniquely designed t-shirts. These shirts make reference to a project an engineer worked on and and excelled at. This is a fun and creative way to recognize hard work.

Thanking and appreciating your team members does not always have to include financial awards. That is why we try to use creative and thoughtful ways to thank our team members throughout the year. 

What are some other creative ways you have seen companies or people use to thank their team members? Comment below!