The Awesomeness of Working from Home

Out of the plethora of amazing benefits HireVue provides its team members, working from home ranks high on the list.

While our office is the coolest in Salt Lake City - just check out the rest of this website to prove our point - our team members across the globe are showing that working from home is equally rewarding and fun. 

Colman - Arizona

On a typical day, I go to the gym for about an hour and then get donuts on the way home for my office manager (aka my wife who is nursing newborn twins.) I shower and am able to get a productive hour of work in before the interns (my kids) even wake up.

Office space in my home is at a premium. I was recently bumped from my office to make room for some entry level employees who really like to party all night long (newborn twins). Until we upgrade to a larger home, this is the HireVue Scottsdale, Arizona location. (See picture no. 1).

Other perks to working at home: Pants? Optional. (See picture no. 2) I can take my calls by the pool. (Once again, picture no. 2).  My wife can easily stop by the “office” for a quick lunch.

I have a zero carbon commute (which is how I justify keeping my home air conditioner at a cool 72° during the extreme heat of the AZ summer). Finally, I never have to worry about anyone taking my covered parking space or stealing my lunch from the fridge. (See picture no. 3).

 Picture 1

Picture 1

 Picture 2

Picture 2

 Picture 3

Picture 3

Brent - Las Vegas

I love working from home because it means I can sing along with my music as loudly as I like.

Jamie - Southern California

The best part of working from home is my office mate Chloe. She never criticizes my performance or complains that I talk too loud on the phone.

We have lunch together most days and when I need to get up and stretch my legs she is always game to join me for a walk to the park. Chloe also never rats me out when I take early morning conference calls in my jammies. 

Brandy - Tennessee

This is my view every day for work. I have been blessed to work from home for the past 9 years. The biggest reasons I’m thankful for this opportunity are seen faintly in the pictures on my desk…my husband and children.

I get to see two smiling faces running up that sidewalk towards the front door after school. I am able to go to and from my kids’ school at a moment’s notice. I don’t have to “rush home” to start dinner.

I can work early in the mornings before anyone gets up and late at night after everyone has gone to bed. On days I am glued to my desk all day, I get to look out at the beautiful TN mountains around my neighborhood.

I work hard every day because I’m a hard worker by nature. However, I also work hard because I am fortunate to work from home every day. I’m thankful for HireVue for letting me continue. It also allows me to spy on my neighbors. #VueNation

Cassidy - Texas

Working at the HireVue office is unlike any other office, hands down the best! However, when I started working from home I realized that it gives me the balance that I need to be able to have a career and be a mom.

I get so much more done because I am able to focus on my projects and don't have the distractions that typically take place in an office. I have enough meetings and outside interactions to not feel isolated and I love the flexibility that it offers me to support my child's school and our home life.

I am able to work at my own relaxed atmosphere and never have to worry about the commute to and from an office every day. Plus you don’t ever have to worry about what to wear- every day is causal day!

Porter - United Kingdom

My favorite thing about working from home is being able to have lunch with my wife every day, unless of course I'm out in the city visiting customers. It is one of the highlights of my day! 

Let us know why you love working from home!