Most organizations build a corporate web site, stick in a 'jobs' page, and leave it at that. We have somewhat grander plans.

It's no surprise to those of us in the trenches that HireVue's growth path is a j-curve. Unfortunately, growing this fast and doubling our head-count every few months creates a host of headaches and challenges, from how to find the right people and create and environment where we have the pick of talent we want, to onboarding new hires and introducing them to everyone in the company, to disseminating information from disparate groups across the entire organization, to thinning out everyone's email inbox. It's a daunting task and the tool set that most organizations use (email and meetings) fall far short of addressing these needs.  

HR and Operations needs a microphone that they own and that address the needs that we have around attracting and recruiting new talent, onboarding, internal marketing, and team interactions.

We're building out some new capabilities in the form of this site with the goal of meeting three different needs.

1: Recruiting

We're going to do a better job of telling our story to attract and influence potential hires.

If you've been hiring (or hired) you know how common it is for candidates to go through literally every page of the corporate site looking to learn more about HireVue and gain some insight, but that kind of information is not the product site's focus.  Where is a site that's owned by the marketing team and designed to sell the 'product' HireVue to potential buyers, this "Team" site is run by HR and Operations and is designed to sell the 'company' HireVue to potential hires. is intended to provide a place to tell our story simply by showing just how awesome HireVue is and what it's like to work here. We're also building out areas of this site that will give each team their own recruiting and marketing capabilities. This current site is just the first step.

2: Personal Communications Marketing

Email is impersonal at the best of times. We've got a few ideas around that.

If you've got a corporate email you've got the corporate email footer, but for most of the people in a company, the product sales and marketing message is either off base or irrelevant. Most emails don't need a sales message since they're not sent to sales prospects, they need a personal introduction that puts a friendly face and person behind the message. This is especially true for Customer Success, Support, Sales and Team Leads who are often using email in situations where personal relationships and connections are especially important.

We've built a system of personal pages   designed to be accessed through a link in your email footer    in which every person at HireVue has their own personal profile page. Recipients can now put a face to that person in a relevant, friendly way that tells the story much better than generic marketing and still links to relevant content if they're interested. So, if you're a new hire, a candidate receiving a support email, or a client admin connecting to someone in customer success, there's a real person, who's warm and interesting, on the other end... How else would you know that Mark Newman is a spreadsheet wonk, TJ loves Captain America, or Justin hates feet.

Note: Of course everyone controls the content of their personal HireVue page. Want new photos? Thing you could write better answers or choose different questions? We'll be happy to change, update, or modify that content at any time.

3: Connectivity & Community

Most organizations try to manage all of their internal communications via email. While that works  for one-to-one communications it has serious shortcomings in a group. First, it pushes all of the onus on to the recipient, forcing them to keep track of all the calendaring, updates and changes that inevitably happen. Second, each 'thread' is effectively a silo that doesn't offer any scale, ability to archive content, or make changes in a single place. In our case we have a highly distributed team with people all over the country who don't have visibility to what's going on in other parts of the company, yet we want everyone to be involved and connected. 

This site is the place for all of that information. Everything that is suitable for public consumption (and access) now has a home and a single location.

  • The calendar lists upcoming events that team members might find interesting in attending. Lunches, meetings, meetups, items of interest... (Like Porter's first Muay Thai fight?).
  • The blog can report on what team members find interesting, from our current Foosball, pool and golf tournaments, to internal or side projects, to events that we're sponsoring, to anything else that we find relevant or interesting. 

Telling Our Story

"Team" is a place to host all of the information that falls outside of the product site and that can be made public (since anyone can access it). This is the microphone for telling our story.