STEM Utah Corporate Soccer Tournament

The HireVue Soccer Team 2014

HireVue participated in a corporate soccer tournament held at Rio Tinto Stadium. Oumar Traore recapped the days action in an email to everyone:

"Vue team,

It's sad to be writing this email informing of our losses at today's soccer tournament. We played 3 games:

- Adobe: lost 4-3. 

- Goldman Sachs: lost 5-2 

- School Improvement Network: won 5-1. 

We did not make it to the semi-finals. Instead, Adobe played and won IM flash and KUTV played and won Goldman Sachs. Then, Adobe beat KUTV at the finals to win the tournament. We did not bring home the trophy but here is what we did accomplish:

- Had a lot of fun out there today playing my favorite sport: soccer. 

- Made a few friends along the way in Adobe and Goldman Sachs (trying to create friends of HireVue in our customer/ prospect companies locally... Aren't we all supposed to be creating champions in different accounts according to our 2014 roadmap? Well, Vue soccer team does it on a soccer field!) For example, Brett Andersen and I spent some time after the games talking to a certain David who had been in talks with Pete Abilla on the Goldman Sachs account. He talked favorably of HireVue. 

- Received invitation to participate in the event next year, except for us in order to go back, they need to learn how to say HireVue right. They announced us today as Higher Valuer. Promise they will say it right next time because our awesome banner flowing in the air could not go unnoticed. Our swags were probably one of the best out there today. A lot of the companies were displaying boring gray and back colors or even blue, but HireVue sure enough had a good black and red combination going!


Thanks Mark for the opportunity and thanks our dear Vuers who came to cheer for us. Hope you were not too disappointed :)."

Colby Bell kicking inbounds!

Oumar Traore either tired or focused. Probably both.

Another shot of the team!

Go HireVue Red!