Startups, Nerds, & the Pursuit of Happiness

Photo credit to SuAnne Hoffman


Just as any company, HireVue started as an idea and eventually grew to the great company we are today. However it wouldn't be possible without the help of some great people, long hours, tons of ambition, and of course money! Silicon Slopes reports that in Q1 of 2014 Utah companies raised $212 million in venture beating out Colorado and Arizona. Ranking sixth in the nation overall, this adds to Utah's wonderful growing startup scene and business ventures. 

SLC Comic Con & More

Photo courtesy from Estately Blog

In case you've been living under a rock Utah is now home to the third largest Comic Con in the nation, and the largest Comic Con per capita. With the most recent Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience (FanX for short) bringing in over 100,000 fans in just three days. Which meant it was no surprise that according to the Estately Blog, Utah ranks as the nerdiest state among the nation. We also have one of the biggest cosplay communities around.

Happiest City in the Nation

Startups are booming, nerds are enjoying their conventions and life is great. However, life seems to be really great in Provo. According to USA Today Provo ranks as the USA's happiest city with Orem right behind them. We have a few Vuers who live in Provo which I'm sure can attest to the greatness of it, but I think a lot of it might have to do with the recent addition of Google Fiber. We're all still jealous.