Sorry We Can't Make the Call Our Hippo is Turning 40

If you're not aware of WorldVue now you should be. WorldVue is part of our goal of helping the world's greatest charitable organizations build the world's greatest teams by providing the technology, implementation, and support they need to screen and interview their volunteers.

As such, the sales cycle is seeming similar to our regular process. However, the NPO industry is a bit different when it comes to the employees and leadership. Some of the reasons you would see calls cancelled or rescheduled for regular sales interaction:

  • Someone is sick
  • The right person can't make it
  • End of quarter planning
  • Budget constraints
  • Timezone mix up

Some of the reason you might see a WorldVue call/meeting cancelled or rescheduled:

  • Hurricane relief
  • Food drives
  • Recruiting manager flying across the world to personally assist in humanitarian aide
  • Scheduling conflicts with 100+ branches who run their own volunteer selection process
  • Hippo birthdays

The worlds are completely different but the product is the same. HireVue's Talent Interaction Platform proving it's value for multiple industries. From everyone here at WorldVue, we want to wish Hannah Shirley a very happy 40th birthday!