How to Celebrate the Big and Small Wins

At HireVue we follow the motto of "Work Hard, Play Hard." This post highlights the many ways we celebrate and have fun together as a team. 

Annual Celebrations

Sales Kick-Off: 

Every February our entire sales team meets in our Salt Lake City office to celebrate the past year and make plans for the new year. This two day event gives the team a chance to meet together as a whole group. We give awards for the past year, talk about big plans for the future, and of course, have fun! 

This past February our sales team had an off-site activity skiing in the mountains. There was also a delicious awards dinner during the event. 

Summer Summit: 

Every August the whole company travels to Salt Lake City for our three day event. The days are filled with fantastic presentations, amazing food, and entertaining activities. Past events have included un-conference sessions where team members present on a variety of topics related and unrelated to the company. There are also team scavenger hunts, donut tasting contests, dueling pianos, a talent show, and much more. 

Company Holiday Party: 

Every December we invite all families to our annual holiday party. We rent out a theater, eat breakfast, meet a special guest, and watch movie. For our team members who work remotely around the country, we mail them a gift card to take their families to a nice dinner during the holidays. 

End of Year: 

At the end of the year we gather together to reflect on our accomplishments and look towards the future. We give small speeches, give a toast, and start prepping for the new year. 


Office Events: 

BBQ Time: 

With our two grills on our balconies, we always have quick access for BBQ's. Hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, chicken, and much more are grilled on a frequent basis. 


We've hosted chili, curry, and holiday dessert cook-offs. Vuers bring in their best recipes in hopes of winning the coveted title of "Master Chef" and winning the grand prize gift card. 

Random Holidays: 

We started the tradition of celebrating a few random holidays every month. For National Jelly Bean day we filled a giant jar full of Jelly Belly's and had a guessing contest. For National Chip and Dip day everyone brought in their favorite dip and shared with the office. 


Holidays are special at the HireVue office. Every Easter we do a large egg hunt. Our operations team hides over 500 eggs throughout the office. Some eggs are filled with great prizes such as lunch with an executive, free lunch, and gift cards. We also celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Pie Day, Halloween, etc. 

These are just a few of the activities we do throughout the year. We value hard work but we also value having fun as a team and relaxing.