Porter's Next Muay Thai Fight

From the words of Porter-

I'm excited to announce that my next fight, Fall Brawl 2 will be Nov. 2nd, 6:00pm at the Muay Thai Institute! I'll be fighting a dude name Chris Paul. I'm super excited, I've been training hard, and I feel great! It was so exciting to have the Vue crew there last time, so a huge thanks to all of you who came out to support me.

I was very pleased with my performance last time, and I fully intend to come out on top this time. Mark has very generously offered to buy 10 tickets for folks in SLC to use. If you would like to come, please reply to me and Sharline.

If you're not familiar with Muay Thai Kickboxing, it is a martial art that focuses on simple but powerful strikes with fists, shins, knees, and elbows, as well as stand up grappling (we stop when someone hits the mat). Think of it like MMA (mixed martial arts) except without any of the ground work.

Mine is an amateur match, so we wear shin-guards, and a few things aren't allowed, namely knees to the head and elbows, but otherwise, it's a full-contact beating. My understanding is that there will be one or two professional matches at the end as well (which remove those limitations), so it should be an exciting night!


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