4 Reasons Why The Right Benefits Make a Difference

There are many things that make HireVue special - amazing product, talented team members, passionate customers, and great company culture. But one thing that makes HireVue truly one-of-a-kind is the many benefits and perks provided to team members.

Check out the stories of HireVue team members sharing their experiences with the different benefits at HireVue.


The US is only one of three countries left in the world that does not guarantee paid maternity leave. The closest equivalent is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which allows employees to take 12 weeks of unpaid time off. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 12% of Americans have access to paid parental leave. 

HireVue understands that family is important and mothers should have time with their children. Check out two different experiences with the HireVue maternity program:

"Eight months into my first pregnancy, my heart was overflowing with excitement, fear, anticipation, worry, and joy. Likewise, my head was trying desperately to keep up with all the information I needed and wanted to know about bringing my baby boy safely and happily into the world.

HireVue has always stressed work/life balance and provided incredible flexibility and I was elated to find that the maternity policy had been evaluated, and updated to better meet the needs of mothers. I knew improvements were in the works, but was astounded to find that HireVue would ensure mothers received their full salary for all 12 weeks of maternity leave!

While some might say all companies should provide these kinds of benefits (and I agree), most don't. I feel incredibly grateful for a company that allowed me the time off I needed to bond with my baby and adjust to the world of motherhood, knowing I had a job to come back to and a paycheck throughout my full time away."

                                                                                                             - Rachel C.

"The maternity program at HireVue is unique for a Utah based company. I was able to take 12 weeks off with full pay. It was a huge relief to not worry about money while I was out so I could enjoy/survive my time off with my little one. Also - with unexpectedly delivering one month early my teammates stepped up and took care of my work. It was wonderful knowing all my work was in good hands."
                                                                                                            - Terra S.

Gym Program: 

We conveniently have a LifeTime gym located right next to our office. In an effort to encourage a healthy lifestyle, we set up a corporate account with LifeTime to provide discounted rates to our team members. All a team member needs to do is attend the gym eight times a month and HireVue pays $20 of the monthly bill. 

"I love the LifeTime partnership program. It's an incredibly nice gym with a lot of amenities. I like being able to workout there, get food after my workout and the outdoor pool is great in the summer. And with the gym being so close, it's convenient to get a workout in whether it's before work, during my lunch break, or after work."
                                                                                                             - Mike M.    

Bike Room: 

We have a large population of bikers at HireVue. Check out two stories of avid bikers in the office who love our bike room: 

"Finally, a place to put my dirty bike that doesn't make me feel like a jerk. I don't need to roll it between desks, constantly bumping it into people just trying to get work done. Nope, I head a mere 20 feet from the elevator and there is a room that invites people like me. A room that welcomes people who come in sweaty in the summer, and soaking wet in the winter. Between the padded floors, bike tools, and racks for a ton of bikes, it's a room I love rolling into every morning."
                                                                                                             - Rob S.

"As a year-round bicycle commuter, one of the most useful benefits in the office for me is the bike room. Climate controlled storage in wet or snowy weather keeps helps keep wear down, and the peace of mind knowing my bike isn't vulnerable to theft from an outdoor rack is incredible. HireVue is in a great location for cyclists of any stripe, with ready access to mountain biking in nearby Corner Canyon, plenty of long distance or hilly terrain for the road warriors, and just across the street from the Jordan River Parkway for those who would prefer a more leisurely pedal. And with only a mile between the office and a FrontRunner station, my commute includes time to read a book, catch up on email, or just watch the traffic jams I'm not in."

                                                                                                             - Syhalla B.

education assistance: 

At HireVue we already have the best and brightest team members. Yet we always want to encourage our team to learn more and improve themselves. Any coursework that is related to their current job is eligible for reimbursement. Check out Joel's story: 

"How many companies truly invest in their employees nowadays? Many, if not all companies say that they do, but few do this as well HireVue. One of the many things they do to invest in me and allow me to grow as an individual is provide their employees with and Education Assistance program that pays for tuition.
Working and going to school full-time is hard enough, but trying to afford full-time tuition presents an even greater challenge. HireVue not only makes it possible for me to afford school but they also allow me to attend class because of the flexible work schedule and the trust they place in their employees. All I do is fill out some simple forms and the HR team at HireVue handles the rest."
                                                                                                                - Joel H.

These are just a few examples of benefits HireVue provides. Check out more on our "Why HireVue" page on vuenation.com. 

Feel like your current employer is not stacking up to what HireVue provides? Check out our job postings and start your next journey with HireVue!