Our WorldVue Helps You Fulfill Your World View

WorldVue is our new program for nonprofit organizations who could use help with their employee or volunteer screening, interviewing, and hiring...and it's free, which is a terrific price.

HireVue is actively looking to help organizations with an important social mission that can benefit from our technology. Organizations with extensive and distributed recruiting or volunteer screening efforts are especially well-suited. 

This new WorldVue program offers free access to our Digital Interview Platform that utilizes our battle-tested technical infrastructure and support capabilities which have served our many Fortune 100 customers worldwide

Any nonprofit organization is welcome to apply and we're actively looking for those organizations with large, distributed networks where we can provide the most value.

A few possible use cases that might be outside of our normal usage in a companies hiring process?

  • There's a tsunami that devastates low lying coastal areas in South East Asia. Organizations rush to help and are overwhelmed with offers from physicians and emergency response teams who want to help. HireVue allows those organizations to quickly interview these teams and make informed decisions about who should be sent first, and who might be a follow on team.
  • A micro-finance startup needs to interview and vet hundreds of potential financial partners in dozens of countries. HireVue gives them a unified platform to handle all of those interviews and allows them to choose the right partners. 
  • A medical volunteer nonprofit needs physicians and nurses to travel and work together in harsh environments. HireVue allows this organization to share interviews with anyone, resulting in more cohesive and productive teams.
  • A volunteer network has widely distributed offices that are all interviewing and hiring in their own way. They use HireVue to provide a single system that puts them all on the same page and allows them to 'share' interviews with other managers, resulting in better hires across the entire organization as well as meeting all of their compliance issues. 

You get the idea. 

If you know anyone at a nonprofit that could benefit from being part of the WorldVue program, please send them a link and ask them to contact us. We're looking to help. Please send them a link to the application page on http://worldvue.org and ask them to submit an application, or they can contact HireVue Labs directly and we'll be happy to set up a call and answer questions.