One Hustler's Story - Using HireVue At HireVue

Meet Doug Henkin. A Sales Hustler. 


Doug was first introduced to HireVue 5 years ago by his friend, Michael, who was looking to become a customer of HireVue. A year later, he was contacted by HireVue's Corporate Recruiter asking him to complete an OnDemand Video Interview for a sales role in Doug's geography, the Southeast part of the U.S. 

Here is Doug's story using HireVue to work at HireVue...

Typical candidate questions

Four years ago I was asking the natural questions about video. Should I wear a suit? Should I be in an office setting? Should I purchase a webcam or can I use the one on my laptop? I then received an email invite which had a link to "Tips for a Successful Interview (OnDemand)". Boom... my questions were answered. 

My interview began with a short video about HireVue, some practice questions to make sure the lighting was good, the sound quality rocked, and that I was comfortable with the process. My questions were a combination of Short Answer, Essay, Multiple Choice/Selection and of course Video Responses.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell

I remember my last question asked was, "Is there anything else that you would like to share with us as we review your responses?" As a sales person, this was the perfect time to show my closing skills. I went through a "Top 10 Reasons to Hire Me" (aka David Letterman style). This allowed me to "Tell My Story" vs. relying on the bullet points on my resume.

From there, my video interview was sent to the recruiter and he moved me onto the next step - live video conversations with our CEO, VP of Sales, and VP of Business Development (all conducted via HireVue's Live Platform). I especially appreciated our CEO, Mark Newman, having a 2 hour conversation to get to know me and share his vision for video in business. Video allowed me to connect with the CEO. Killer!

Sales Simulation 

The last step in the process was to present on two companies and discuss how/why they would utilize HireVue. I was up against two other strong candidates and on paper, I was probably the weaker candidate, but my video interview allowed me to be in this moment. I knew that if I could just get a chance to be in this moment, I could compete against anyone. Sure enough - I nailed the presentation and got the job. 

The On-Going Hustle 

Interviewing via video allowed my hustling skills to shine and people to look beyond my resume. They focused on my OnDemand Video, Live Video and Customer Presentations. If they had only looked at my resume, there is a good chance I wouldn't have made it nearly as far as I did.

I have now been with HireVue going on 4 years and have done very well in the role of Regional Sales Manager for Mid-Market Southeast (3 years) and as Sales Director for CodeEval (for the last year). #vuer4life

What's your HireVue story?