Off-roading in Vietnam

Peter Clegg visited Vietnam recently and was delighted to share his story with us:


"If Late winter night in Utah, four guys and a Netflix menu…what to watch? Top Gear - Vietnam Special! Three very funny Brits relegated to the cheapest (and most prevalent) form of transportation—scooters—traveling from South to North Vietnam.  “We gotta do that!” was the consensus.  Further inspired/hounded by a 16-year old nephew who’s a Top Gear diehard and the trip came together in January 2014.

 After some research, we settled on a little different route than the Brits—a loop through the mountains of North Vietnam ending up at Halong Bay.  The best decision we made was selecting OffRoad Vietnam who arranged for everything including nice dirt bikes, lodging, food and the affable and ingenious Thon—guide, translator and mechanic all in one.   Nine days of open road, single track, villages, countryside, cities, markets, bridges, fine pho (food) and ending off with a couple of days on a small cruise boat among the majestic limestone peaks of Halong Bay.

 The video is not narrated but here’s a list of titled segments, each 2-3 minutes long.

  •  Hanoi Traffic
  • Open Road
  • Bridges
  • Single Track
  • Culture
  • Countryside
  • Tight Places
  • Switchbacks
  • Cycle Trucks
  • Villages
  • Stops"