NG Conference Wrap-Up

The doors have closed, the planes taken off, and the dust settled.  NG Conf came to a close January 17th, but not before leaving it's mark as the world's first AngularJS focused conference. People from all around world flew into Salt Lake City to learn, discuss, and connect everything Angular. 


Dave Smith killed it with his presentation. Charming the audience with his wit, they were engrossed by every word. You can watch it below. Dave was everything HireVue embodies. He's on the forefront of game changing ideas and technology. Showing everyone he meets a better way to do things, and how to teach themselves to do more with what they have.


HireVue was a sponsor of the event and had an extremely positive response. Developers are excited to know there is a company in the HR space that has such a strong background with Angular, and developers like Dave working behind the scenes. This was an amazing conference, hope to see all the awesome people again! HireVue would also like to give a special shout out to Domo for putting on the event. Our own customers, doing great things.