More Than a Recruitment Tool?

Pictured: Hire Vue CEO Mark Newman (left) being interviewed by HR Mash editor Peter Gold

From the article: Video interviewing platform Hire Vue used the launch of their London office to set out their vision for the company, fresh from winning a $25m round of funding.

Surprisingly CEO Mark Newman’s pitch was not about recruitment, although the product is primarily sold as a tool for recruiting.

“We are trying to create something enduring. We want to reinvent how interaction works within the enterprise,” he said. "We want to enable people to tell their story and to show their ability to work and at a scale that fundamentally changes enterprise software.”

With HireVue's expansion into EMEA & APAC we are excited to bring the talent interaction platform worldwide. 

HireVue is looking well beyond recruitment, however. Its vision for the next 10 years is to change the way people interact within the business. That means we might expect its technology to be used in recruitment, talent management and learning and development – anywhere where the ‘human’ can be put back in to talent management processes.  

The company has a compelling story as told by its CEO and it has investors that have bought into it. With an office and growing team in London, it will be interesting to see how well the company grows its customer base in the coming months.