Life Changing Advocates

HireVue serves more than 200+ clients, and all their candidates with 24/7 coverage for any problem you can think of...with a team of 8. We solve problems, find new bugs, and work together to make the HireVue product better internally and externally. Here on the support team, we treat every call with what we refer to as a Life Changing Event (LCE). 

What exactly is an LCE? When you consider applying for a job, maybe even one here at HireVue, things are destined to change in your life. Schedule, pay (hopefully), and new career experience. HireVue as a company is determined to provide a platform which will help you obtain that dream job you've been waiting for, and to help you stand out in the crowd!

Have you ever experienced any problems on your way to an interview? Get lost? Forget your resume? Spill coffee on your nice new shirt? These things all coincide with problems people can face before their interview. You may also encounter some technological problems with your system that can prevent you from taking your interview on HireVue and that's where our support team steps in! Working around the clock to ensure you have the best possible experience with our platform and that you only need worry about performing, and not your computers performance.  

The Support team is a unique group of individuals who work together to accomplish the primary goal of helping our customers. Collaboration of ideas, solutions, and new features happens daily. We are on the front lines, and we apply the HireVue spirit and passion to every person that we help. Being a part of such a special moment in someone's life requires a delicate and special type of person. We strive for dedication, attention to detail, empathy, and having the drive to help someone change their life.