It's The Little Things That Show You Care

You have a great product, a great team, and a great company culture. Now how do you stand out to really show your team members how much you care? Below are a few examples of what HireVue does to stand out from the other SaaS start-up companies in Utah. 

Take Your Birthday & Work Anniversary Off

We believe your birthday is a special day meant to be spent with family and friends. It is encouraged to take your birthday and work anniversary off. You made it another year, you deserve to take a break!

Send Mementos For Life Events

Life gets crazy, people get sick, people have babies, and loved ones pass away. At HireVue we understand this and ensure that you receive flowers or cookie bouquets when such events happen in your life. It's a little reminder that your HireVue family has got your back no matter what. 

New Baby Gift

We love introducing new babies to the HireVue family. Each new born Vuer gets his or her own HireVue onesie along with a special gift to say congratulations. 

Work Space Accommodations .

We want to ensure our team members are happy and comfortable when they work. That is why we give access to standing desks for all Vuers. We also have a very bright, and open office environment for those who need their sunshine. 

The Gong

No explanation needed. 

New Hire Package

Nothing says "We're Excited You're Joining the Team" more than a welcome package after you sign your offer letter. We mail out a company swag starter kit to each new Vuer who joins our team. 

Team Lunches

Your first day is important and we want to make sure you feel special. That is why we make sure all new hires go out to lunch with their team on their first day of work in the office. 

Office Activities

Sometimes you need a little break from the regular work routine. That is why we always try to have a small event at least once a month. Such events include: Easter egg hunts, chili cook-offs, BBQ rib fest, and much more. 

Yearly Company Wide Meeting

Since our team is spread across the country and globe, we all converge in Salt Lake City every summer to meet together as an entire team. This is a great opportunity to build stronger ties and lasting relationships with each other. 

Tuition Reimbursement

Education is important and we want to make sure all our team members develop personally and professionally. That is why we help pay for a portion of your tuition or extended learning courses. Need to go to a conference to help you with your position? No problem - HireVue will take care of the cost. 

Brown Bag Mind Meld

Every voice is important and everyone has a story to tell. That is why we host our own Ted Talk series to give every team member a chance to present on something of interest to them. We always have a great turn out and it is a highly informative and entertaining event.

Birthday Cake Wednesday

Nothing says Happy Birthday quite like a beautiful Nothing Bundt Cake covered in cream cheese frosting. Every first Wednesday of the month we celebrate the birthdays in the office for that month. We used to do it weekly, but we wanted to be conscientious of everyone's waistlines.  

Referral Program

We have a very generous employee referral program. We have great people in our office and our people know other talented workers. That is why we use the referral program to find a majority of our team. 

Unlimited PTO

Here at HireVue we dislike many rules and policies. We follow our Attrivute - Act Like an Owner - to guide our decisions. That is why we have an unlimited PTO policy. We trust our people to be smart and do what is best for the company and for themselves. 

What Else?

This is just a small snapshot of the many little perks we provide our team members. As you can see many of them do not require a lot of work or cost. Try a few of these out and see what a difference you can make in  your office environment. What other perks do you think are missing? Comment below.