It's A Festivus Miracle! - HireVue Style

"I don't really celebrate Christmas. I celebrate Festivus."

"It's a Festivus... for the rest of us!"

It's not a company party unless an official Festivus celebration occurs. Thus a new HireVue tradition has been born. Yesterday our SLC Vuers gathered in the collaboration area for an ugly sweater contest and Festivus celebration which entailed feats of strength and the airing of grievances. 

Based off the photographic evidence, the ugly sweater contest was an instant success. The room was filled with tinsel, lights, bells, feathers, and ornaments. 

We had an excellent panel of judges to decide who was worthy to be proclaimed the ugliest sweater wearer of 2014.

Scot Sessions did a fantastic job of wowing the crowd as he pulled off his decoy sweater to reveal his true ugly sweater. Obviously he took second place for this act.

Our winner, Ryan, was brave enough to show a lot of skin and a little bit of chest hair which allowed him to claim the giant 1st place button! 

 Runner Up!

Runner Up!

Festivus Airing of Grievances

Below is a list of all the grievances that were aired when a Vuer took their turn holding the pole. 

- Please close the cupboards and drawers in the breakroom! It is not that hard! 

- Wash your dishes! Sharline is tired of sending out emails reminding you of this!

- If you open a pop tart, eat both pastries. Do not leave one behind in the wrapper. No one will eat it. 

- Get up to speed on tech! We are a tech company. (Rebuttal- we ensure the IT team has a job!)

- Wes voiced his deep concern that not enough people have ventured down and enjoyed Delta Utah. Though honestly there is not much you are missing!

 Our ugly sweater winner!

Our ugly sweater winner!

Feats of Strength

We did not have as many feats of strength as our team members are too modest to brag about themselves. However, here are two great facts.

- TJ has lost 110 lbs in 11 months! He looks awesome! We are so proud of you TJ! 

- Wes has been stung over 2000 times by bees. Did we mention he has a bee farm in Delta? 

A big thanks to Seinfeld who invented this wonderful celebration. Find more information about Festivus here