Inside VueNation's Marketing Offsite by Nicole Frisbee

Do you like heights or being claustrophobic? Then this trip is for you! But in all seriousness, it was an unforgettable experience and I’d love to canyoneer for a hobby. If you love adventure, read on.


Sunday evening the marketing team packed up their gear and met up at our designer, John’s house and drove down south to Hanksville, UT. We arrived and set up our tents, the trailer, and camping chairs, and sat around the fire until bed time. The next morning we all packed our snacks, water, and climbing gear and hiked/climbed up a huge rock face to get to the top of the slot canyons. We geared up, got clipped in, and rappelled down the first rappel spot. Since it was our very first one, a lot of people were naturally terrified. But we all made it down safe and sound.


After a couple more rappels, we come to a spot where we had to shimmy our bodies across a small ‘canyon’ - hands on one side of the gap and feet on the other side - and jump down at the end. Almost everyone got across safely…. Erica jumped down a little too soon, and twisted her knee. It did not look good, we were a little worried and thoughts of having her airlifted out of the canyon were racing through our minds. Luckily she could put some weight on it, but we still needed to assist her with going down at least a few more rappel spots. John and Blake were experienced canyoneers and knew how to belay her down the canyons safely. We all helped each other crawl under and over suspended boulders, wade through waist-deep mud pits of doom, and watched each other as we scaled down 150 foot cliffs.

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Scot, the boss man, made us the most amazing dutch oven breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and dessert. The last night we watched Cliffhanger, which is about a rock climber who gets into a pickle with some bad guys after his friend’s girlfriend died when her climbing gear broke. Such a fun movie to watch before you go rappelling!


The last day after we did Hogwarts Canyon (how cools is that name?!), we stopped off at Goblin Valley. Unfortunately it was a little cold and we were on a time crunch so we couldn’t go explore the hoodoos, but it was still awesome to see them from a distance.

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