[Infographic]- What 20 Vuers Plan to Accomplish in 2015

It's a new year. The time individuals stop and ponder on what they would like to accomplish during the year. Goals are set, and then broken. According to Forbes, only 8% of people actually obtain their New Year's resolutions. 

Below are two simple tips on how to obtain and sustain your goals:

Set Small goals:

People regularly make the mistake of setting large goals without creating a step-by-step plan to obtain them. Dr. Robert Maurer, in his book, One Small Step Can Change your Life: The Kaizen Way, teaches us how the brain works. Change is scary. When we tell our brain we want to start doing something new, our brain imagines a drastic change to our current state and our "fight or flight" instinct kicks in. 

This reaction creates a response to put off the goals we set. For example, one may set a goal to save money for a family vacation. One starts to make excuses for why they can't save money: the car always needs a repair, the kids are involved in so many sports, and the list goes on and on. 

Dr. Maurer advises that we set small goals. Make them measurable and as specific as possible. For example - "I will stop eating out for lunch twice a week and use that money to save for our family vacation" is a lot more specific and obtainable than, "Save money for a family vacation." By doing this, we override our natural tendency for the, “fight or flight,” response. 


Visualize Your Goals:

According to Jack Canfield, daily practice of visualizing your dreams as already complete can rapidly accelerate the achievement of your goals. Visualizing your goals accomplishes four very important things: 

1. It activates your creative subconscious

2. It programs your brain to perceive resources to obtain your goals

3. It activates the law of attraction

4. It builds your internal motivation

Visualization is a simple process. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and imagine what you will see when you have achieved your goals. Imagine being inside yourself, looking out through your eyes at the ideal result. 

For more detailed tips on visualization, click here

Here at HireVue we are always striving to be better and do more. Check out our Infographic showcasing what a few Vuers plan to accomplish this year. 

Many on our team plan to follow these steps - set small goals and visualization - to help us achieve our goals and make 2015 a rewarding year. What about you? What small goals do you plan to complete towards your ultimate goal? Comment below.