What did you learn yesterday?

HireVue's Chief Sales Officer, Doug Leonard, set a positive tone for the year by hosting our annual sales kickoff in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our entire VueNation team was able to participate (thanks to Laura Webb) who captured it all on Slack. Below are a few of our favorite quotes from our team on what they learned this week at #hvsaleskickoff. 


"Build a hypothesis of success with a customer and work backward from that."  John Grotegut

"Being brave means pushing myself to do the hard or uncomfortable thing. "  Dina Taylor

 "It is mission critical to identify the buyers' priorities in every account and connect our solutions accordingly." Kara Klaich

"The cost of doing nothing is more. Feel confident in the value we provide at HireVue." Elisa Realph

"Continue to validate what you heard throughout the cycle." Jenny Wong

"I want to commit to really visualizing success, and then making it happen!" Talar Sahakian

"I learned that the devil is truly in the details and I am going to slow down and be more deliberate with my actions." Monique Johnson

"Leverage my team to remove blind spots. Feel comfortable learning about them and adjusting." Michael Grimes

We are excited for all of the HireVue sales team members who are attending Achievers Club this May. You earned it!