HV Labs vs Product

The Last Match

It was late Monday afternoon. The bullies in Product decided to ramble over to the opposite side of the office. Labs territory. They meandered to the fooseball table and then glanced around for a worthy opponent. Little did they know of the sleeping giant that waited for them in the room adjacent.

They challenged the Labs team to a match of stamina, strength and wit.

The labs team decided to play it safe in the first game. Placing defensive guru Chris on the forward bars. Product quickly displaced the Labs team in the first game by a score of 5-1. Gaining an ill advised sense of confidence in the process.  

The second game was a different story. The labs team took over their dominant positions and sped their way to a victory. 5-4.

The final game arrived and through some flukey screwball serves by a Mr. Steve Kondris the Product team took the lead. Not phased, the Labs team stormed back. Using technique and style to take the lead 4-3.

The Product team, disheartened, with defeat staring them straight in the face. Crippled under the pressure and were defeated 5-3 in the final game.  

No longer will the bullies in Product roam the halls of HireVue, for they were forced back into their dark cave of solitude. Game Over.