HV Academy

New hires onboarding experience matters at HireVue! Through concerted efforts across our different departments, we strive to help our new hires start strong with the company. To start strong with the company, you first need to graduate from HV Academy. At this point, you might wonder what HV Academy is.

Once a quarter new hires at HireVue from around the globe are invited to come to the company headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah to participate in a two-day event where they learn about the company history, meet the people in the company to build social ties, and discover ways to effectively contribute to the attainment of the company’s strategic goals. The event is called HV Academy. Check it on Twitter at #HVAcademy. I bet your onboarding does not have a hashtag…

In our most recent HV Academy event, we were super excited to welcome and spend fun times with 22 of our most recent new hires. Most of the new hires who attended the event work out of the Salt Lake City office, but people also flew in from places like Tennessee to London, UK. This is a testimony of how important the onboarding experience is for HireVue

Pic from HV Academy May 2014 Event, new hires meet leaders of the different departments.

nboarding at HireVue has come a long way. A couple years ago, what used to be called onboarding was purely administrative and mainly consisted of getting new hires their computer, completing forms, and showing them their office space. Slowly but surely, we have expanded the scope of our onboarding program to include helping new hires be familiar with the company culture, meet the team they work with, network with the leadership team, and build social ties inside the organization.

As we keep improving the program, the next step is working with our different departments to solidify our mentorship program, shed more light on job performance expectations, and share information on available resources for personal & professional development. The intention here is not to define career paths for new hires—no because we expect them to act like Owners--, but to inform them of clear paths to greater pay, recognition, and responsibility within HireVue, Inc.

Check out the following link on TagBoard to live some of the memorable moments of HV Academy May 2014 Event: https://tagboard.com/HVAcademy