How to Turn Tragedy into Transformation

Special post by our very own Dina Taylor - Business Transformation Director at HireVue. 

Several months ago, I would have labeled 2015 as the year of tragedy.  I now consider 2015 the year of transformation.

Everyone has a story, and mine is unique. On March 6 of this year, my husband, Dan, passed away.

I was 30 weeks pregnant.

10 weeks later, I gave birth to my son - Jack. 

Four weeks after Jack was born, I was spending time with a close friend (who, coincidentally, is also a HireVue sister) when - in the middle of conversation - I burst into tears.  I realized in that moment that I had merely been surviving the previous 14 weeks. 

I was working, taking care of Jack, and managing my affairs, but I felt nothing.  I was not happy, not content, and not optimistic. I was alive, but that was it.  

It was in that moment that I realized I needed to transform.

A couple days later, on the day that would have been Dan's 36th birthday, I broke up with grief.  I did not like who I was, and thus began a deliberate and conscious effort to transform my thinking, priorities, and actions.

I threw myself into work, I began reaching out to family and friends more frequently, and I spent time outside. I established routines and traditions and memories with Jack.  I focused on developing new interests and hobbies, meeting new people, and trying new things. 

All of a sudden, happiness started creeping in and life slowly became hopeful and enjoyable again.

During this time of personal transformation, I assumed a new role within HireVue, fittingly as the Director of Business Transformation.  This exciting opportunity allows me to develop and lead the function within HireVue that facilitates the transformation of business strategy, process and people - using digital innovation. 

The opportunity to partner closely with organizations to consult and influence something I care deeply about is exciting. The opportunity to execute on business objectives that have a direct impact to the overall organization is exhilarating.

For individuals and for organizations, adaptation is critical to survival, and transformation is critical to success.  Surviving simply is not good enough.  It is through risk that we see reward, through innovation that we lead the pack, and through transformation that we thrive.

How are you transforming yourself? How are you transforming your business? How do you plan to thrive?



Dina Taylor is a business transformation consultant specializing in process excellence, system implementation, adoption and project management. Dina has 10+ years experience with organizations of various sizes and industries, and is passionate about consulting with customers to help them realize the true value of software as a way to establish process excellence and exceed business goals.
Dina is highly skilled in a number of HR Technology platforms and is a change management and HR technology leader with proficiency in a variety of systems.